Cupcake Wars
Season 9

Season 9

1. The Honest Company

Sep 7, 2013
Cupcake bakers create organic cupcakes to win over guest judge Jessica Alba

2. Marilyn Monroe's 60th

Sep 14, 2013
Four bakers work to impress the President of Marilyn Monroe's estate.

3. WWE SummerSlam

Sep 21, 2013
The bad girls of Cupcake Wars battle to win the hearts of WWE Divas.

4. The Wizard of Oz

Sep 28, 2013
There's no place like home as four cupcake bakers face off for $10,000.

5. Annie the Musical

Oct 5, 2013
The sun'll come out tomorrow, but 4 bakers need to get their cupcakes out.

6. L.A. Bridal Bash

Oct 12, 2013
Mother-daughter bakers battle to serve at an LA bridal bash.

7. Hanson

Oct 19, 2013
Four cupcake bakers must win over three special guest judges.

8. Great American Nightmare

Oct 26, 2013
Four bakers fight to win over the master of horror, Rob Zombie.

9. Miss America

Nov 2, 2013
Can four talented bakers impress the reigning Miss America, Mallory Hagan?

10. Barbie

Nov 9, 2013
4 bakers return to get their cupcakes at the center of Barbie's festivities


Nov 16, 2013
Four bakers create a cupcake match made in heaven in this battle.

12. Aquarium of the Pacific

Nov 23, 2013
In the taste challenge, four bakers must create a cupcake out of seafood.

13. Breeders' Cup

Dec 28, 2013
Bo Derek is the guest judge at this Breeder's Cup bake off.


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