This American Life
Season 2

Season 2

201. Escape

May 4, 2008
Teenage boys find ways to impress girls using a mode of transport obsolete since the 19th century. A young man's fight for independence from his mother would be normal for most kids, except for some special circumstances.

202. Two Wars

May 11, 2008
Two foreigners in the U.S. in the aftermath of two very different wars, try to make sense of life here.

203. Going Down in History

May 18, 2008
A pair of convicts almost escape prison using dental floss. High school students pose for yearbook snapshots, which capture nothing of the drama in their lives. A man with a 30-year obsession with one particular bird.

204. Underdogs

May 25, 2008
Two boxers in Tennessee who've known each other all their lives face off in a match that neither can afford to lose. A group of kids in New York learn to fight bullies the old-fashioned way--by being funny.

205. Every Marriage is a Courtroom

Jun 1, 2008
Tales of troubled marriages include an animated true story by cartoonist Chris Ware, and a real-life look at a husband whose legal obsession causes serious trouble with his spouse.

206. John Smith

Jun 8, 2008
The true life stories of several Americans with the name John Smith, including an 11-week-old boy whose parents expected a girl, and a 46-year-old Texan welcoming his son home from Iraq.

207. No Respect

May 28, 2008
A bonus second-season edition comprised of material produced for the This American Life website. This episode includes a look at comedians and their audiences and segments about unknown comics performing for a rowdy crowd at a club in the middle of nowhere; and a piece about Mike Birbiglia, a stand-up comedian with a scathing routine about his worst gig ever.


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