Six Feet Under

2001 • HBO
496 reviews
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The Complete Series episodes (63)

1 Season 1, Episode 1
In the series premiere, Nate Fisher returns home for the holidays to the shattering news of his father's death.
2 Season 1, Episode 2
After a pyramid scheme owner dies and leaves his wife and baby daughter with a load of debt, Nate (Peter Krause) offers to loan them a casket. Meanwhile, the Fisher family attend the reading of their father's will.
3 Season 1, Episode 3
When a bakery owner is killed, it's up to Federico (Freddy Rodriguez) to put the pieces back together. The family considers selling the funeral business altogether to Kroehner.
4 Season 1, Episode 4
After a gang member is killed, the Fishers find that his family's wishes for burial differ from those of his gang leader. Nate's girlfriend Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) makes an unfavorable impression during a family dinner.
5 Season 1, Episode 5
Ruth is stunned by the visitors at a porn star's wake; Nate has a strange first meeting with Brenda's brother Billy (Jeremy Sisto); and Keith takes issue with David's desire to replace his father as deacon at the family church.
6 Season 1, Episode 6
An ornery widower camps out in the Fisher Funeral Home; sparks fly between Claire and Billy; Ruth spurns Hiram and is later wooed by a Russian florist; David is pursued by a pushy parishioner while performing charity work.
7 Season 1, Episode 7
When a young Army vet dies of Gulf War Syndrome, his brother opts for a cremation and disposal of the body; Ruth has Hiram over to cook dinner and then takes a job with Nikolai; David's church involvement results in his casting a very important vote.
8 Season 1, Episode 8
In an effort to raise income, Nate and David rent out a room in the funeral home; Claire struggles to grasp the lessons of her outreach hike; Ruth attempts to reconcile her feelings about Hiram; Brenda's Aussie friend gets under Nate's skin.
9 Season 1, Episode 9
A tragedy reunites Claire with a guy who sullied her reputation at school; David and his new boyfriend run into Keith and his new partner on the disco circuit; and Ruth has an eye-opening camping trip with Hiram.
10 Season 1, Episode 10
Nate (Peter Krause) and David hire an outspoken mortician (Illeana Douglas); Billy's photo gallery exhibit features one particularly surprising shot; and Claire frets over Gabe's inconsistent behavior.
11 Season 1, Episode 11
Nate (Peter Krause), David (Michael C. Hall) and Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) take an interesting trip to Vegas for a funeral directors' conference; a baby's death from SIDS stuns the family; and Ruth (Frances Conroy) takes a floral-arrangement class.
12 Season 1, Episode 12
A gay man's murder forces David to confont his own fears about his lifestyle; Brenda's parents and Nate consider getting help for the increasingly troubled Billy...but Brenda isn't so sure that's the answer.
13 Season 1, Episode 13
In the first season's final episode, written and directed by series creator Alan Ball, the Fisher family experiences the control-freak side of Tracy Montrose Blaire; Brenda visits a remorseful Billy; David faces problems at his church.
14 Season 2, Episode 1
In the Season Two premiere, a young actress's death prompts her castmates from a slasher film to pitch in (more or less) for a cheap funeral at Fisher & Sons. Meanwhile, Ruth arranges a dinner for Nate, David and Claire--and their significant others.
15 Season 2, Episode 2
A football player's death bothers Nate, who earlier learned of his own potentially fatal condition. Meanwhile, Federico's request to borrow money from Nate and David is rejected, and he later learns of their newest purchase: a 'casket wall' display.
16 Season 2, Episode 3
The death of a psychic's husband sparks some interesting conversation. Meanwhile, Ruth is changed after attending a lengthy self-actualization seminar; Claire is upset to learn that her guidance counselor has betrayed her confidence.
17 Season 2, Episode 4
Nate brings Claire to his old stomping ground in Seattle to help him retrieve the body of a man who feared flying. There, they stay with Lisa (Lili Taylor), a woman who still carries a torch for Nate.
18 Season 2, Episode 5
Ruth takes a personal interest in the death of a woman who has no friends or relatives. Meanwhile, Brenda's search for a literary muse prompts her to turn to one of her massage clients and Nate's relationship with Brenda takes an unexpected turn.
19 Season 2, Episode 6
Mitzi Huntley arrives back in Nate and David's lives thanks to a comparison-shopping widow. Ruth's estranged sister Sarah arrives for a visit. A vodka-fueled family dinner casts a pall over Nate and Brenda's happy news.
20 Season 2, Episode 7
A Jewish funeral at Fisher & Sons leads Nate to seek spiritual guidance from an intense female rabbi. Claire meets a guy while visiting her Aunt Sarah. A medical emergency prompts David to consider giving his relationship with Keith another shot.
21 Season 2, Episode 8
The Christmas season marks the anniversary of Nathaniel's death...and gets everyone thinking about their last moments with him. Meanwhile, Nate and Brenda are shocked by Margaret Chenowith's Christmas Eve guest.
22 Season 2, Episode 9
Ruth continues to help an injured Nikolai recover, but her patience is tested when she learns how he broke his legs. Brenda's escapades help her to write, but her feelings about being engaged grow more muddled--especially after Billy's release.
23 Season 2, Episode 10
David and Keith continue trying to iron out their problems...and Karla has a secret that isn't going to make things any better. Meanwhile, Claire takes a curious approach to photography and Brenda's engagement anxiety leads her on a sexual adventure.
24 Season 2, Episode 11
Nate and Brenda find comfort in Rabbi Ari's advice. Ruth's need to control the lives of Nikolai and Claire leads her to a surprising self-assessment. Federico's suspicions about an elderly woman's death lead him to place Vanessa under scrutiny.
25 Season 2, Episode 12
Claire begins to find some direction in her life, and a newly serious Billy is an unlikely choice to help. Tensions between Nate and Brenda finally come to a head, while Keith has a problem that threatens everything he has worked for with David.
26 Season 2, Episode 13
In the Season Two finale, Fisher & Sons is the subject of an unannounced inspection, which proves surprisingly beneficial for Federico. Meanwhile, Claire's art-school interview takes an unexpected turn, and things grow tense between Keith and David.
27 Season 3, Episode 1
In the Season Three premiere, Fisher & Sons has become Fisher & Diaz, and Rico is doing all he can to make sure he's not a 'gofer' anymore. Meanwhile, David and Keith decide to give couple's therapy a try and Claire gets to know a crematory worker.
28 Season 3, Episode 2
David and Rico are at odds over doing business with the family of a deceased telemarketer, Claire finds she has more in common with a fellow art student named Russell than with Phil, and Ruth meets a new friend, Bettina.
29 Season 3, Episode 3
Keith and David find the reality of a resort vacation different than advertised, Ruth learns the meaning of 'express checkout' during a shopping excursion with Bettina, and Claire gets a lesson in 'sick' art from a new teacher.
30 Season 3, Episode 4
While the partner of a recently deceased gay man is orchestrating an operatic tribute at Fisher & Diaz, Lisa plans an unwanted birthday party for Ruth. Meanwhile, Claire has a night to remember with Russell and two outlaw art teachers.
31 Season 3, Episode 5
Fisher & Diaz deal with the recently discovered body of a man missing for years. Meanwhile, Ruth sets the ground rules for a new live-in apprentice named Arthur and David meets an old acquaintance during an L.A. Gay Men's Chorus rehearsal.
32 Season 3, Episode 6
A nosebleed proves deadly for one audience member queuing up to see the 'Dr. Dave' advice show. Meanwhile, Lisa takes Maya on an illuminating camping trip, and Rico wrestles with the challenges of a double-wide corpse and 'triple X' casket.
33 Season 3, Episode 7
A group of familiar relatives and friends is united in mourning. Meanwhile, David and Keith (reluctantly) play 'Leading Ladies' at brunch with members of the Gay Men's Chorus and Ruth and Arthur perform a rendition of 'My Favorite Things.'
34 Season 3, Episode 8
After the patriarch of a cultish new-age clan dies, Fisher & Diaz is overrun by the wives and children left behind. Meanwhile, Keith gets back at David and his brunch pals during an intense game of paintball.
35 Season 3, Episode 9
The Fishers run into some unexpected guests at an art-school benefit featuring works by Claire, Russell and Olivier. David and Keith have an awkward video-store meeting with Father Jack, then haggle over the 'rules' of three-way sex with a stranger.
36 Season 3, Episode 10
A bee sting during a family picnic ends a life. Nate tends to Maya while Lisa visits her sister in Santa Cruz. Meanwhile, Vanessa seems back to her old self, to Rico's relief; Russell's decision to share a secret with Claire backfires.
37 Season 3, Episode 11
Fisher & Diaz is brimming over with activity after a trio of unrelated deaths. Meanwhile, Nate anxiously awaits Lisa's return from Santa Cruz; Vanessa and her sister Angelica enjoy a therapeutic shopping excursion, to Rico's chagrin.
38 Season 3, Episode 12
After a serial killer is executed in Texas, his daughter brings him home for a fitting Fisher & Diaz funeral. Meanwhile, Ruth spends some quality time in the company of George Sibley; David arrives at a crossroads in his relationship with Keith.
39 Season 3, Episode 13
In the Season Three finale, Death continues to shuffle its deck randomly for would-be clients of Fisher & Diaz. Meanwhile, Nate looks to quell his inner demons through extreme remedies offered at a local bar.
40 Season 4, Episode 1
Season Four premiere. In an attempt to honor Lisa's last wishes, Nate winds up at odds with her family. Meanwhile, David and Keith look for 'genuinely new' ways to start over; Federico seeks a priest for absolution; Vanessa gets tired of Angelica.
41 Season 4, Episode 2
George puts his stamp on the Fisher home. David cautions Nate about projecting his personal grief onto their clients; Keith applies for a glamorous new job; Joe challenges the logic of Brenda's 12-step plan; Claire reawakens her artistic muse.
42 Season 4, Episode 3
A group of prank-happy teenagers find their latest joke is no laughing matter. Meanwhile, the Fishers decide to hold a yard sale; David grooms Arthur for a new role; Nate gets intimately involved in Maya's afternoon playgroup.
43 Season 4, Episode 4
David's ex-fiancee re-enters his life in search of answers. Meanwhile, Nate has a psychic rendezvous, Keith's new job sends him into the closet, Federico identifies with David's past, Claire decides not to let life pass her by.
44 Season 4, Episode 5
With Keith out of town on business, David gets taken for a ride by a hitchhiker. Meanwhile, Nate feels out of place in a bereavement group, Ruth tries to play matchmaker--to George's chagrin, Claire feels empty after a critique of her self-portraits.
45 Season 4, Episode 6
Fisher & Diaz hosts two very different parties in one night. Meanwhile, David is uncomfortable with all the comfort he's receiving; Nate finds temporary relief at a 'canine retreat,' Claire and her art-school friends go on a trip.
46 Season 4, Episode 7
Ruth goes on a fossil hunt with George, and digs up Sarah and Bettina. Claire focuses her talents on Edie; Federico tries to unload on Sophia; Vanessa does some detective work; Keith goes 'out' to a bar with co-workers; David drowns his stress.
47 Season 4, Episode 8
Nate and Brenda take Maya on a train ride, getting caught in their tracks when they go a little too far. Meanwhile, David tries to 'sex-orcise' his demons; Keith straightens out a conflict of interest; and Federico starts sleeping on the job.
48 Season 4, Episode 9
Ruth and Bettina take a road trip to Mexico, leaving the men of Fisher & Diaz to some male bonding--and comic-book crime-fighting. David and Keith open up after closing their 'open' relationship; and Billy resurfaces as a substitute art teacher.
49 Season 4, Episode 10
Nate gives Maya 'one last look' at a memorial for Lisa, where some surprise discoveries ensue. David and Keith are inspired by a same-sex wedding; George agrees to Ruth's marriage stipulations; Federico is disturbed by the 'new and improved' Vanessa.
50 Season 4, Episode 11
Ruth is giddy about going to a tantric workshop with George, who retreats to the family's emergency shelter. Meanwhile, David's last bite at a sushi restaurant threatens to cost him--and Keith--a lot more than the bill; and Nate drops a bomb on Barb.
51 Season 4, Episode 12
In the Season Four finale, Ruth is delighted to meet George's daughter, but worries as his paranoid 'views' of the future escalate. 'Star' Claire gets high off her newfound fame; Federico pleads his case to Vanessa, who delivers a verdict.
52 Season 5, Episode 1
In the Season Five premiere, Ruth dreads George's return from the hospital in light of his recent diagnosis; Nate and Brenda prep for a big day, but an emergency makes them reconsider; David and Keith discuss alternative parenting options.
53 Season 5, Episode 2
Nate hangs with some high-school friends but finds that, as adults, they share little more than teenage memories; Ruth gets relief from George's daughter Maggie; Brenda is reluctant to accept Margaret's help and struggles in her new internship.
54 Season 5, Episode 3
Claire is seduced by Billy's lust for life but hits a roadblock trying to fund the next leg of her educational journey; George is haunted by visions of an early trauma; and Brenda feels at home with her new supervisor Jackie.
55 Season 5, Episode 4
Brenda is disturbed by Nate's reaction to her news; Ruth shares her feelings about George with her knitting circle; David and Keith 'propose' to Mary and meet Roger's unconventional family; Rico is shocked at how Vanessa and the boys are doing.
56 Season 5, Episode 5
Nate and Brenda discuss giving Maya a 'coherent narrative'; David and Keith await news from Mary, and meet a special little boy; Vanessa is shocked when Julio gets into trouble at school--and mortified when Rico schmoozes things over.
57 Season 5, Episode 6
Ruth happily helps 'circle the wagons' when Sarah calls; David and Keith discover it's hard work playing house with Anthony and his brother Durrell; Nate muses on the loss of his first love; Claire finds a temporary financial solution.
58 Season 5, Episode 7
David and Keith struggle to create parent-child boundaries; When Brenda and Nate get some ambiguous news, it confirms their views on life and death; Ruth fills her schedule with activities, but has trouble unwinding.
59 Season 5, Episode 8
A young Latina's funeral raises questions about the culture--and future--of Fisher and Diaz. Meanwhile, David and Keith are upset when they're not in the driver's seat; and Claire takes her co-worker Ted to an art school show.
60 Season 5, Episode 9
David and Keith get comfortable with their new family life; Claire is shocked to discover she and Ted share a passion for politics; Ruth finds empowerment in the woods; Maggie is forced to make some awkward calls; Brenda faces several truths at once.
61 Season 5, Episode 10
While David attends to family business, Keith makes an embarrassing self-discovery on the job; Brenda is challenged by Nate and answers a hard question for Maya; Margaret compares herself to her daughter; Ruth lets Bettina play nurse.
62 Season 5, Episode 11
As David's fears take over, Keith tries to protect him--and the boys; Billy attends to his sister; Claire goes on a drunken harassment spree and pushes Ted away; Rico pushes for a talk about the business; George tries to help Ruth with Maya.
63 Season 5, Episode 12
In the series finale, David finally embraces a demon; Keith gives 'tough love'; Nathaniel talks to his younger son; Brenda delivers and fights Nate's negativity; Claire gets an exciting call; and Ted inspires sexy photos.

About this show

When death is your business, what is your life? From Oscar(R)-winning screenwriter Alan Ball ('American Beauty') comes this drama series that takes a darkly comic look at a dysfunctional L.A. family that runs a funeral business.
496 reviews
A Google user
January 19, 2018
Bloody brilliant contrast and development of characters. I love the frequent situational irony in many of the episodes, and everything about it is just spot on, yet not too predictable. I love it. Six Feet Under has made me cringe, laugh and cry, and feel a wide range of other emotions. Kudos to Alan Ball for being able to put together such a magnificent series.
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Christy Abbott
August 1, 2015
This is a show that I am absolutely glad I watched. The first season is a bit slow but only because there are so many characters and each is given time to develop. Once you know the characters, well, you can't wait to see each episode. This family is weird and lovable all at the same time. Some of the best acting, directing, and writing I've experienced and highly recommend it. I would not recommend it for young children due to the language, brief nudity, and yelling/fighting. I don't think I've seen a show wrap up with such depth and beauty. Class A job to all involved!!!
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Steph Sage
October 7, 2015
Everything about this show is exceptional, the characters are all just completely perfect, the creativity never stops all the way through. The only bad part is that it ended. 😭 I could watch 10 more seasons!
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