Voltron: Defender of the Universe - Lion Force

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Season 1 episodes (72)

1 Space Explorers Captured
A crack team of pilots is selected by the Galaxy Alliance to travel to Planet Arus and uncover the secret of a weapon from ancient times, Voltron! Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge arrive too late, the planet has already been completely devastated by the evil forces of King Zarkon. They engage in battle with Zarkon's general, Yurak, only to be captured and thrown into the dungeons on Planet Doom.
2 Escape to Another Planet
Keith and the space explorers take the first steps on their journey to revive Voltron. They find the legendary Royal Castle on the surface of Planet Arus. Inside, they meet Princess Allura and the wise Coran. The Princess declares them to be the planet's new guardians. Together, they unravel the mystery of Voltron's disappearance.
3 A Ghost and Four Keys
Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge ask for help from the Princess Allura to find Voltron. With guidance from the ghost of her father, King Alfor, they find four of the five keys needed to form Voltron. With no choice, they head into battle with only their robot lions to keep back Doom's soldiers.
4 The Missing Key
Keith and the team uncover the key to the Black Lion, just as King Zarkon's Robeast is about to rain havoc on Planet Arus. Together, they are able to form Voltron's most powerful weapon, the Blazing Sword! But the battle leaves Sven uncertain about his role as a member of Voltron Force.
5 Princess Joins Up
Keith, Sven, Pidge, Hunk and Lance scour the surface of Planet Arus, looking for brave citizens willing to help them fight Zarkon. Scared because of the recent attacks, only Princess Allura herself is willing to join Voltron Force. When King Zarkon's best gladiator is turned into a Robeast by Hagar, not even Voltron can stop it. Only if Allura can find a way to help with Arus be saved.
6 The Right Arm of Voltron
Yurak's attack fleet is soundly defeated by Voltron. Hagar comes up with an evil plan to get Voltron out of King Zarkon's hair for good. She sneaks up to the Voltron Force while they are giving out food to the troubled people of Arus. Hagar isolates Sven from the others and badly wounds him. Without Sven, Keith and the team must face Zarkon's new Robeast without forming Voltron!
7 The Lion Has New Claws
After watching Keith and his team defend her kingdom again and again, Allura is determined to help. However, her Nanny has returned to the Castle of Lions, and is equally determined to keep her out of trouble. When Nanny gets caught up in a raid by King Zarkon, Princess Allura must pilot the Blue Lion to save her!
8 The Stolen Lion
The mysterious Prince Bocar appears and saves Princess Allura. He seems to be the perfect replacement for Sven as a new pilot for the Blue Lion. But when Lance realizes that Bocar is more than he seems, the evil Prince escapes with the Blue Lion and Allura as his prisoner!
9 A Pretty Spy
Yurak's fleet shoots down a space ship over planet Aurs. Hunk manages to rescue the pilot, a pretty young slave who escaped from Planet Doom. The Voltron force is skeptical, but Hunk has faith in her story. That night, the escaped slave breaks into the Castle of Lion's ammunition storage under orders from King Zarkon and plants a deadly bomb!
10 Secret of the White Lion
Princess Allura, unsure of her ability to lead her planet, is visited in her dreams by the ghosts of her parents. When a majestic White Lion appears to her, she follows it deep into the forest, believing it to be the reincarnation of her father. Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk hurry to find her before it's to late!
11 Surrender
When Yurak takes a village of Allura's people captive, the Voltron Force is forced to surrender. Tammy, a little girl from the village, has her mother taken captive along with the others. Trying to get help, she ends up inside of the Green Lion. Pidge, in a desperate attempt to save the rest of the team, switches places with Tammy!
12 Bad Birthday Party
Nemon, Tabor, Nephew of Zarkon, Jai Escaping from Planet Nemon, Jai seeks out Princes Allura and the Voltron Force to help save his home. Nemon is under the thumb of Tabor, a nephew of King Zarkon. The evil lord himself has come to Nemon to celebrate his birthday, but Voltron is coming to crash his party.
13 The Witch Gets a Facelift
Princess Allura's aunt Orla comes to visit her at the Castle of Lions. Allura's loyal space mice seem to hate Orla, but maybe they sense something about her that the other's can't. The team becomes suspicious when they spot Haggar's cat attacking the mice, but they can't do anything if the Princess doesn't believe them.
14 Yurak Gets His Pink Slip
The Voltron Force successfully ground Yurak's fleet for the last time. King Zarkon is ready to banish Yurak, but then his son, Prince Lotor, returns from his journey of conquest. Prince Lotor turns Yurak into a Robeast, and then challenges Keith to a duel. With Keith away from the team, they are forced to fight Yurak without the help of Voltron!
15 Give Me Your Princess
Princess Allura puts the whole team in jeopardy when she tries to pilot the Black Lion without permission. Knowing no way to make it up to her friends, she surrenders herself to Prince Lotor in exchange for the freedom of Planet Arus. Enchanted by her beauty, Lotor accepts. But Keith and Voltron Force have a plan of their own.
16 Bridge Over the River Chozzerai
There is a fairy tale on planet Arus of star crossed lovers who united their kingdoms when they met on a bridge between the two lands. As the Princess of Arus, Allura takes part in a ceremony where the famous meeting must be recreated. A bit of chance lands Hunk in the role of the lucky guy, but the ceremony is crashed by Lotor! Hunk and Allura are trapped on the bridge, leaving the others with no way to form Voltron.
17 My Brother Is a Robeast
Planet Arus has an evil twin planet, Pollux, that has allied with Zarkon. The Voltron Force travel to Pollux in an attempt to make peace. They meet the high strung younger prince, Bandor, and his sister Romelle--who bares an uncanny resemblance to Princess Allura. But the king's first son, Avok, volunteers to become a Robeast to fight Voltron. Because he is willing, the evil Haggar is able to make him the most powerful Robeast yet!
18 Zarkon Is Dying
King Zarkon lies on his death-bed, and Lotor decides to use this opportunity to finish off his father and the Voltron force. Using a magic potion from Planet Doom's top alchemist, he arrives on Arus and turns the plant life against Princess Allura and her handmaidens. Keith and the Voltron Force must rescue the castle women from the monster flowers, and without the help of their Lions!
19 The Buried Castle
An ancient castle appears from the mists on Planet Arus. Pidge and some of the local kids go exploring, but it turns out to be Haggar's trap! The rest of the Voltron Force arrives, but they are also trapped in the castle. Haggar's Robeast begins to tow the castle off to Planet Doom. The team's last hope is Keith, who manages to escape by hijacking one of Zarkon's ships. But can he defeat the forces of Doom and free the others all by himself?
20 Pidge's Home Planet
The Voltron Force is ready to jump into action when Pidge's home planet of Balto is under attack. However, the planet is very far, and if the team leaves, Arus would be completely defenseless. Coran, determined to keep Arus safe, attempts to keep Keith, Pidge and the rest of the Voltron Force from leaving. He orders the guards to hold them at gunpoint, and even opens fire on them with the castle's missile defenses. Princess Allura is devastated, having to choose between her planet and her team.
21 It'll Be a Cold Day
After the battle on Planet Pollux, Romelle was taken prisoner by Lotor because of her resemblance to Princess Allura. She survives terrible hardships in the slave dungeons of Planet Doom, but finally escapes, crashing on the ice planet of Neeve. Catching her distress call, Keith, Pidge, Lance, Hunk and Allura set off to rescue her. But Lotor gets there first and sets a deadly trap. Princess Allura is given the choice, surrender herself, or let Romelle and Bandor die.
22 The Deadly Flowers
King Zarkon attack Arus with a beautiful shower of poisoned rose petals. The only cure lies under the water of Planet Lyra, but Allura is too sick to go. The Blue Lion is the only one that can operate normally underwater, so Lance borrows it and goes after the cure. The local leader, Farla, turns Lance over to the enemy, and Lance ends up in a duel with Prince Lotor! All alone, Lance doesn't have much of a chance, and if he can't win Farla over to his side, he'll never get the cure.
23 It Takes Real Lions
Haggar's new plan involves taking on the robot lions with a giant robot lion tamer! Keith and the Voltron Force decide to take some time out of their exhausting taming and go swimming. But when Princess Alura joins them in a tiny bikini, Nanny and Coran decide it'd be best to lock her in his room. Without Allura, Keith and the others are soon roped by Haggar's Robeast. Now Princess Allura is on the run, chased by Lotor through her own Castle!
24 Raid of the Alien Mice
Horrible little evil mice appear in the Castle of Lions, eating through the wires and circuits of the complicated computers that the run the control room. Cheeser and the Space Mice fight back, but then Lotor appears with a Robeast. The team can't operate the underground shuttles that they need to reach their lions because of the damage to the main computer. With Lotor wreaking havoc, the team makes a desperate run to reach the Lion's hiding places on foot!
25 Short Run of the Centipede Express
Far from Planet Arus on the slave world of Moura, Zarkon is building a tremendous Ion Cannon. When complete, it will have enough power to destroy all of Planet Arus in a single shot! Keith and Lance sneak up to the cannon at night and plant explosives around it, in an attempt to sabotage the cannon. But Haran, a Mouran slave, turns on his potential rescuers and helps Lotor disable the explosives. The cannon is completed, and Haran himself is ready to pull the trigger on Planet Arus and Voltron!
26 The Invisible Robeast
Princes Allura and the Voltron Force are out picking fruit, when they are ambushed by an invisible enemy! Allura is taken away, but Pidge manages to free her with his laser blaster and some quick thinking. Shaken up, the Princess stays behind while the others head out in their lions to find the invisible monster. But it shows up at the Castle of Lions and tries to destroy the Blue Lion as it sleeps in the moat. Now, the Princess is the only one who can fight it!
27 The Green Medusa
Haggar and Lotor make a new Robeast from the powerful Medusan, Anga. She is filled with fury, and attacks the Voltron Force as they attempt to take care of a troupe of orphaned children. The team is crushed when Anga kidnaps Pidge, but the plucky space explorer learns that there is more to Anga than meets the eye. He tries to help the sadness and pain that is consuming her. Meanwhile, the others are in trouble when Haggar arrives with a second Robeast to finish the job, and Pidge is still missing!
28 The Treasure of Planet Tyrus
Keith, Lance and the rest of the Voltron Force stumble across a ship of plundered treasures, all gathered for Prince Lotor's birthday! They disguise themselves as crewmen, and successfully infiltrate the evil Prince's celebration. During the party, Keith trips, and Lotor moves to whip him. He gets an unpleasant surprise as the team reveals themselves and attacks, but he manages to capture all of our heroes. Lance has one last big surprise for Lotor, hidden in the gift of gifts, a giant gold statue of the Prince himself!
29 Magnetic Attraction
Lotor's newest Robeast generates an enormous cloud of fire and heat, vaporizing all the water around the Castle of Lions, including the entire moat. The Voltron Force is interrupted from their martial-arts training, and head off to battle. Princess Allura can't seem to activate the Blue Lion. Her father's ghost reveals the secret of the Lions: They are powered by the elements of Arus. Without any water, the Princess has no way of operating the Blue Lion, and the team can't form Voltron.
30 The Sleeping Princess
Haggar's Blue Cat sneaks into the castle and stabs Allura with a poisoned blade. Helpless, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Hunk watch as she draws her last breath and dies. At the Royal Funeral, each member of Voltron Force says their farewells, but all is not as it seems. The team has been the victim of a clever plot by Lotor to have Allura to himself. He steals her away, and only Pidge between him and escape. Furious, Pidge takes on the powerful evil Prince all on his own!
31 The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Unable to contain his ambition, Lotor challenges Zarkon to a duel in the arena. The winner takes the throne of Planet Doom. Witch Haggar takes this opportunity to steal the spotlight and field her anti-Volron robot, programmed to discover and exploit Voltron's weaknesses. Concentrating all its fire on the Blue Lion, the robot successfully hands Voltron his first defeat!
32 A Transplant for the Blue Lion
After a serious defeat at the hands of Planet Doom, the Voltron Force desperately trains, hoping to find a new source of strength before Haggar's robot attacks again. With help from the ghost of King Alfor, Keith and the others reach a new level of control over Voltron and unlock a new weapon!
33 Attack of the Fierce Frogs
Pidge naively helps some local kids collect tadpoles, so they can take them home and watch them grow. However, these tadpoles grow up to be horrible robeast frogs surprising the kids at home and other innocents all over planet Arus! The Voltron force splits up in a desperate scramble to save the populace from the deadly frogs.
34 Lotor Traps Pidge
After a windstorm devastates a large city on Arus, Pidge gets into a fight with a suspected looter, Tommy. Pidge ends up making friends with Tommy, who won't evacuate the ruined city because of his bedridden mother. But when Pidge explores the earthquake zone where the woman was injured, he finds an underground tunnel, leading to the drill machine Lotor snuck onto Arus under the cover of the storm!
35 Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics
To celebrate the rebirth of Planet Arus, Princess Allura decides to host the Space Olympics. Hunk and the rest of the Voltron Force mobilize an enormous construction machine to build the Grand Stadium in time. Lotor manages to take control of it, but Voltron can't fight back, because three local kids are trapped inside.
36 Lotor's Clone
Zarkon is furious with Lotor's cowardice, and demands that he lead an attack on Arus from the front lines. Haggar creates a clone of Lotor that has no fear whatsoever, and sends it with a new Robeast that can generate a computer-destroying electro-magnetic pulse. The EMP shuts down Voltron, so Kieth sneaks out to sabotage the Robeast. Separated from the others, he is locked in a duel with the fearless, relentless Lotor clone!
37 Lotor's New Hit Man
An ambitious pilot with a deadly reputation as a loose cannon confronts King Zarkon. He boasts that he can destroy Voltron in exchange for a position of rank. The officers of Planet Doom are not happy, but Zarkon gives the ace pilot the fastest Robeast ever built. With a Robeast faster than Voltron, and a pilot more skilled than the Voltron force, Kieth and the others have their backs up against the wall.
38 Raid of the Red Berets
Lotor sends his special forces to Planet Arus under the cover of night. There, the stealthy soldiers terrorize the people, causing them to lose faith in the protection of Voltron. Out of their minds with fear, the people turn even on the good Princess Allura and the Castle of Lions. Before the Voltron Force can come up with a solution, the special forces manage to disable the Black Lion by sabotage!
39 The Captive Comet
Haggar gains control of the Omega Comet, an invulnerable planetoid with the power of a micro-black hole. But before she can crash the Omega Comet into Arus, one of Lotor's slaves warns the Voltron Force. This slave is Romelle, Princess of Planet Pollux and Allura's cousin. But when the Voltron Force arrives, Lotor tricks Romelle into giving them false information, leading to Voltron's defeat!
40 The Little Prince
Trying to protect Planet Arus, Prince Bandor has been forced to bombard the Omega Comet with his fleet, while Voltron was still on it! The comet has been redirected, careening toward the End of the Universe with a seemingly dead Voltron still trapped on it. Violating a command from Galaxy Garrision, Bandor tries one last-ditch plan to save Voltron, and fails as Lotor's surprise attack cuts his fleet to ribbons!
41 There'll Be a Royal Wedding
Furious at his defeat, Lotor throws Princess Romelle into the Pit of Skulls, from where no one has ever returned. But she is rescued by a wild man, an escaped slave who has been living alone in the caves under Planet Doom. Shocked, she realizes the wild man is Sven, former member of the Voltron Force! Rommelle must help Sven reconcile with his painful past and take up the mantle of a hero once again, or they will never escape slavery!
42 The Sand People
Lotor sets up his command base on a desert planet, planning to enslave the peaceful Sand People and turn them into Robeasts. A local researcher, Professor Sawa, realizes what's happening and calls in the Voltron Force. Princess Allura meets with the Sand People, and sees that they are innocent and childlike. She gives one her bracelet as a present. But when Lotor attacks with his new Robeast, Allura recognizes the bracelet on the monster's arm.
43 Voltron Frees the Slaves
Lotor enslaves a peaceful planet, and forces the locals to build a gravity trap for Voltron. The local adults are quick to give in, but their kids are not. They use their knowledge of the area to set a trap for Lotor, but when their captured they become part of the trap for Voltron! Voltron and the team are forced to fight a new military-grade Robeast while rescuing the kids, and with all their automatic systems disrupted by the gravity wave!
44 Voltron vs. Voltron
A remote planet named Yadil has thrown off the bounds of Zarkon's oppression. They decide to join the Alliance, and invite Voltron to a celebration in honor of this great event. However, Voltron shows up strangely early, and with him a strike force of Doom Soldiers. They take over Yadil and set a trap for when Kieth and the rest of the team arrive with the real Voltron.
45 One Princess to Another
Sick of his son's failures, King Zarkon himself steps in and puts all his resources behind a huge plan to wipe out planet Arus. Using the power of a hidden Lazon satellite, Zarkon plans to turn all 500 of his remaining gladiators into an army of Super Robeasts! But Sven gets wind of the plan, and infiltrates the armies of Planet Doom and great personal risk. Only if he can find the location of the satellite can Voltron destroy it before it's too late!
46 Mighty Space Mouse
A series of unnatural earth tremors frightens the Space mice into action. Rather than running or hiding, they begin to train like soldiers, and fight a pitched battle against the Blue Cat. To back them up, Pidge builds them their very own robot vehicle, a flying mouse. Before they have a successful flight, Voltron is trapped by a powerful underground Robeast. It's up to the Space Mice to launch a rescue mission!
47 Summit Meeting
With Planet Doom's recent defeats, Princess Allura decides the time is right to strike back. She holds a conference for all the neighboring planets to discuss uniting against Zarkon. Lotor attempts to disrupt the meeting, and ends up slashing Keith across the chest. Allura must pilot the Black Lion to protect the conference from an enemy Robeast!
48 Return of Coran's Son
When Zarkon first ravaged Planet Arus, Coran sent his wife and young son away for their own safety. He never heard from them again. One day, Princess Alura crash lands on a nearby moon, but is saved by a mysterious young man named Garrett. He appears to be a natural pilot, and the Voltron Force take him in as a new recruit. Then, Coran notices a scar on Garrett's arm and realizes he's none other than his long lost son!
49 Coran's Son Runs Amok
Garrett betrays the Voltron Force, allowing Lotor to fly an enormous Pulsar Cannon down to Arus, within range of the castle. Voltron rushes out to stop it, but is attacked by a Robeast. As the two giants grapple, Lotor mercilessly blasts them both! Voltron is split into five parts, each one crashing down to Arus. If the Voltron Force can't get back together by sunrise, the Pulsar Cannon will recharge and vaporize the castle!
50 Zarkon Becomes a Robeast
Lotor fails to capture Planet Arus and allows the Voltron Force to capture the Pulsar Cannon. For his gross incompetence, King Zarkon has his son thrown in the dungeons! Princess Allura and her alliance of local planets decide that now is their one chance to launch a counterattack on Planet Doom itself. They disable Planet Doom's shield with a shot from the Pulsar Cannon and charge in, only to be faced with the ultimate Robeast: King Zarkon himself!
51 Lotor the King
Lotor has broken out of prison and taken over the throne of Planet Doom, as his father battles Voltron personally in the sky's above! Sven and Romelle lead a team of commandos to blow up Haggar's laboratory before she can send out more Robeasts. But Zarkon destroys the Blazing Sword, and Lotor surrounds Voltron with flying explosives, making it impossible for the team to move without blowing up. The only one who can save them now is... Witch Haggar?
52 Final Victory
Lotor activates his command center, the monstrous Dark Doom Castle. Even with all his might, Voltron cannot fight off the entire castle alone. The team tries to hold on just long enough for Sven and Romelle to free the slaves. At the last moment, Coran flies to the rescue with the Castle of Lions in starship mode. While the fight rages, Sven sneaks into the evil castle alone to challenge Lotor personally!
53 Dinner and a Show
With Zarkon and Lotor recovering from their big defeat against the forces of Planet Arus, local Drule warlord Cossack makes his move for glory. He assaults Planet Pollux, and with a little luck manages to corner Bandor. Sven signals the Voltron Force and rides out on his horse to save the young prince. Keith and the others arrive as soon as they can, but find that Cossack is working alongside an old enemy, and has a deadly trap waiting for Princess Alura.
54 Envoy From Galaxy Garrison
With the recent lull in the war, Galaxy Garrison' finally has enough manpower to send a General down to Planet Arus to serve as a commanding officer for the Voltron Force. He disapproves of the team, their fun-loving attitude and their youth. He demands that they follow his orders and fight with small-unit squrmish tactics instead of forming Voltron. But Haggar's new Robeast is impervious to small-arms fire thanks to its new magic armor coating, and she's also sabotaged Green Lion! The General's tactics are useless in the face of magic, and the Voltron Force is pinned down.
55 Mousemania
Lotor decides to build a new castle in secret, determined to take back the title of King. Under orders from Zarkon, Hagar destroys his castle with her new demolition Robeast. Pidge befriends a stray white cat to get back at the Space Mice, but it turns out to be the Robeast in disguise! When the monster destroys the Castle of Lions from the inside and captures Chedder, it's up to Voltron to hold off the creature while the other mice take to the sky and save their friend!
56 The Shell Game
The capital city of Arus has finally been rebuilt, just in time for Zarkon to send an army of Crab Robeasts to level it. Keith and the others can't fight with all the citizens caught up in the destruction. Then the Robeasts dig into the castle, carving up the foundations. It is up to Princess Allura to travel deep inside the castle and uncover King Alfor's secret energy weapon to power up Voltron and destroy the Robeasts!
57 The Traitor
One of Zarkon's captains is imprisoned after he takes pity on some slaves. Now he is a slave alongside those he once oppressed. As they work on an alien planet, he is separated from the others and found by a race of natives who live underground. When the Voltron force arrives, they find there is no way to attack without endangering the slaves. They'll have to sneak in, but that's impossible without someone who knows the complex. Can they convince the former captain to help?
58 Voltron Meets the Jungle Woman
A ship of young pilots from Galaxy Garrison crash lands on one of Zarkon's slave planets. All are enslaved except for Lt. Lorn, who is saved by a tribal girl with a grudge against Zarkon and a mysterious Fish Man. When Voltron arrives to free the young pilots, a Robeast attacks. The Fish Man is revealed to be one of Haggar's failed experiments. He grows to Robeast size and it's a Robeast versus Robeast battle to save the planet!
59 Little Buddies
Returning from their missions in deep space, Keith and the others pass by a planet where Hunk was stationed as a cadet. Hunk was sent there to help rebuild after an attack, but he had his food stolen by some street kids. Hunk eventually befriended the orphans and they helped each other. Now, when Hunk returns, Cossack follows him and captures Yellow Lion. The orphans help Hunk's desperate plan to recover his Lion before it's too late.
60 Who Was That Masked Man
Sven finds a crashed slave ship from planet doom, and a group of escaped slaves led by a mysterious masked man. It's one of Haggar's traps, allowing her to take Romelle and Bandor hostage. Seeing her hostages, Sven agrees to help lure Voltron down to the planet and into the path of a rigged dam. As the Voltron force stares down Haggar, Sven desperately tries to signal them without catching the witch's eye.
61 Take a Robot to Lunch
Coran's old friend Mary Anne is a female scientist and master of robotics. She hates war and weapons in all their forms, including Voltron. When Haggar turns her latest robot into a master of combat, she gives up science for good. Coran, Allura and the rest of the team must convince Mary-ann to help before Zarkon can mass produce her robot and create an invincible army.
62 War And Peace And Doom
Galaxy Garrison is in trouble. One of their allies, General Kruger, is filled with fear. To make himself feel safe, he begins to stockpile weapons and turn his planet into a military state. Zarkon uses this to his advantage, and convinces Kruger to leave the Alliance. The Voltron force comes to negotiate, but Kruger locks them up. Even the people turn against them, afraid Zarkon will attack if they support Voltron.
63 Who's Flyin' Blue Lion: The Return of Sven
The evil Rogue Galaxy barbarians have started an all out war against the alliance. Princess Allura, Keith, Sven, and the rest come to speak at Galaxy Garrison's intergalactic council. But then Lotor crashes the conference, and Allura surrenders herself to save the others. Now the team has to move into action, but who will pilot the Blue Lion?
64 Enter Merla Queen of Darkness
Zarkon calls for all his evil allies in the Galaxy to bring forth their strongest. He sends Stride, an invincible warrior who only fights for honor, down to Arus to challenge Keith to a duel. But then Queen Merla arrives, and she has ideas of her own. With her mind control powers she plans to take control of both Planet Doom and Planet Arus. Kieth will have to deal with both new opponents at the same time.
65 A Ghost of a Chance
During the legendary war, King Alfor fought King Zarkon one on one in the mysterious Rainbow Caverns. Rumors have begun to spring up that Alfor will return to these caverns once again, but it's a trap by Merla. She captures Allura and seals of the caves with the rest of the Voltron Force inside. Before Merla can subject the Princess to a terrible fate, only one person can stop her... Prince Lotor himself!
66 To Soothe the Savage Robeast
Rowe, a handsome young man, was taken by Zarkon as a slave. His lover was left behind to pine for him, until the day he returned with a savior, Merla. Thrilled, his lover promises to help Merla by delivering a gift to Keith in the Castle of Lions. When Rowe realizes the gift is a poison, he must race his wagon to the Castle through a barrage of Haggar's traps before it's too late!
67 Doom Girls On the Prowl
Haggar tries to dispose of Merla, but the Queen outsmarts her. Now, the witch is forced to help Merla disrupt the parade Princess Allura is holding in the memory of King Alfor. They also disrupt a romantic moment between Keith and Allura, catching the whole team off guard. Then Haggar's Spider Robeast traps Pidge, Hunk and Lance, putting the Princess and Keith on their own.
68 With Friends Like You
The Philos comet circles the sun once every 52 years. Unfortunately, the last time it passed Planet Doom, Lotor took it over, and installed a battery of deadly weapons on it. Now, when it passes Planet Arus, Lotor will unload the planet-busting arsenal at point blank range. With the help if one of Philos' engineers, Keith and the others infiltrate the comet with in a desperate rush to destroy the hidden weapons.
69 Lotor, My Hero
To cure a sick townswoman, Allura searches for a flower that only blooms once every one thousand years. Haggar steals it to lead Voltron into a trap, but Sven takes things into his own hands. Before Kieth and the team arrives. He rounds up his band of freedom fighters and steals a skull tank, attacking Zarkon himself. Meanwhile, Lotor hatches a new plan to bring down his father with Merla's help.
70 No Muse Is Good Muse
The Muses of Norn escape from Merla and reach Galaxy Garrison safely. Not only that, but they've managed to bring Merla herself as a prisoner. They'll only turn her over to a high ranking official, so Prince Bandor goes. Then Queen Merla springs her trap with the help of Lotor. The Voltron Force must rescue Bandor while fighting two evil star fleets at once.
71 The Alliance Strikes Back
All at once, Zarkon's countless slave planets begin revolting at the same time. The evil King's armies are spread thin, and the Alliance stages a major offensive. Princess Allura and the Voltron Force once again take the fight to Zarkon. Zarkon fights back by trying to sacrifice Prince Lotor, but Merla has a change of heart and protects him. Then she begs the Voltron Force to help her save Lotor from the Pit of Skulls.
72 Breakin' Up Is Hard to Doom
Voltron continues the attack on Planet Doom with Merla's help. This time, Lotor is by her side, ready to take on his father and lead Voltron through Haggar's traps. Zarkon takes hostages and hides behind his slaves, but Lotor sees through the trick. Are Keith and the Voltron Force finally going to take out Zarkon, or is Lotor planning the biggest double cross yet?

About this show

The Space Explorers uncover the legend of Voltron in the first volume. Watch the original episodes that started the craze about this '80s cartoon sensation and join the Voltron Force as they battle the evil King Zarkon.

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15 reviews
Rye P
December 1, 2019
Growing up as a child of the 80's I used to rush home after school to watch Voltron at 4:30 every weekend afternoon. It was the greatest show. I even had the five lion toy robot set.
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Susan Huffman
July 17, 2021
I really really love how they got allmost all the aleins on earth to join the humans to stop the war from hagger or whatever
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bryan m
April 11, 2020
I never got into Voltron because it was on like channel 50 on non cable tv. Trans Formers were my fav.
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