Season 5

Season 5

1. The Unstuck Man

Jun 11, 1999
In the laboratory of Dr. Geiger (Peter Jurasik), his lab assistant (Robert Floyd) is preparing for a mysterious experiment. A laser gun fires at him and he vanishes. At the same time, Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks), Maggie (Kari Wuhrer), Quinn and Colin are getting ready to slide out of a dangerous situation, but something goes wrong in the vortex...

2. Applied Physics

Jun 18, 1999
The Sliders find themselves on a college campus. Diana (Tembi Locke) is startled when a little girl, Nadine (Aeriel Watkins), approaches her and thinks she's her mother. She hears a familiar voice calling Nadine's name, and Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) blocks her just in time to prevent her duplicate, who has come to collect the child, from seeing her. They go to the Chandler Hotel, but in this world, it is a Las Vegas-style adult playground. Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) is excited; they'd visited a hotel like this in another world and she had fun.

3. Strangers And Comrades

Jun 25, 1999
The Sliders arrive in a remote military compound, which seems to be abandoned. Scanning the landscape, Diana (Tembi Locke) believes they're not on Earth, but on a planet that exists in hyperspace. As they investigate their surroundings, they are unaware that soldiers in tattered uniforms are watching them surreptitiously...

4. The Great Work

Jul 9, 1999
The Sliders arrive on a freezing, desolate island. Having just come from a tropical climate, their clothes are barely adequate, and Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) is unconscious and burning up with fever. They take her to a nearby monastery to seek help and are admitted by Seth (Austin Nichols), a young man whose father, Keeper Abraham (Granville van Dusen), is angry that he let the outsiders in. Keeper James (Bob Youngblood) is the monastery's physician, and he takes Maggie to the infirmary. At dinner, Abraham explains to the travelers that the people who live on this remote island are the keepers of peace and harmony, living simple lives in this sanctuary away from the evil elements of the world.

5. New Gods For Old

Jul 16, 1999
The Sliders are being pursued through a totalitarian world ruled by a military group known as the Bureau of Internal Reconstruction (BIR). The soldiers are led by General Krislov (Stephen Macht), an efficient, cruel-looking martinet. A civilian mob, led by a bitter young woman, Jill (Angela Bettis), is crying for their blood. The vortex opens and they leap inside, but Mallory (Robert Floyd) is hit by a soldier's laser gun. They arrive in a world similar to the one they just left, but in this one, the BIR has been overthrown.

6. Please Press One

Jul 23, 1999
The Sliders arrive in a peaceful small town and see that a company named Data Universal seems to own everything. Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) tries to use a vending machine, but it doesn't take cash. Instead, an electronic voice asks for her data number. When she presses a button, a laser beam scans her. Suddenly a driverless van pulls up and she is propelled into it by the force of the laser!

7. A Current Affair

Jul 30, 1999
In a parallel Los Angeles, President Jefferson Williams (Eric Pierpoint) is giving a speech. As reporters anxiously ask him vapid questions about his sex life, a scruffy but earnest young man, Bobby Hawks (Michael Manasseri), wants to know about America's war with Switzerland. When the Sliders arrive, Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) is pushed into Williams' arms. As he holds her tight, cameras flash, and soon her face is splashed on the television news, being identified as the woman with whom Williams has been having a secret affair.

8. The Java Jive

Aug 6, 1999
In a world reminiscent of America in the roaring '20s, Harrell ( Shane Stevens) encounters Brownie (Cleavant Derricks), a cop, in the alley outside the Hippo Club where he plays the piano. Brownie shoots him with his service revolver and searches his pockets. Unable to find what he's looking for, he leaves in disgust. Nearby, the vortex opens, and the Sliders emerge. A scream pierces the air, and they hurry to the alley to find Angie Morgan (Jennifer Leigh Warren), owner of the Hippo Club, kneeling over Harrell's body.

9. The Return Of Maggie Beckett

Aug 13, 1999
The Sliders arrive in Fresno, California, Maggie's (Kari Wuhrer) birthplace. She is shocked to see that streets and public parks have been named after her. A sculpture in the courthouse square is dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Beckett, a heroic astronaut. They visit the Maggie Beckett Museum, where they are greeted by Mr. Xybo (Rob LaBelle), who tells them the astronaut's story...

10. Easy Slider

Aug 20, 1999
The Sliders drop into an open desert. Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) gives them the bad news that they're stuck here for three days, so they trudge off in search of civilization. On a two-lane highway, they flag down a bus with the name Kincaid Petroleum, Inc., painted on its side. Inside, all the passengers appear to be workers for the company. Mallory (Robert Floyd) sits next to Sam (Lisa Akey), an attractive woman who says they're on their way to their work site. When they arrive, two officers with the Air Quality Management District show up with the body of a man, known as a Smoker, in their truck.

11. Requiem

Sep 10, 1999
The Sliders find themselves in a beautiful Japanese garden, but Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) finds himself in a swirling void, separate from the others, even though they're right there with him. He thinks he can see Wade (Maria Stanton), a friend they lost to the evil Kromaggs many slides ago, and he calls out her name. Diana (Tembi Locke) suggests he may be hallucinating as the result of too many slides, and he remains in a kind of trance. When they slide again, they find themselves in a room at the Chandler Hotel, and Rembrandt sleeps. He dreams of the time he and Wade spent in the Kromagg prison.

12. Map Of The Mind

Sep 17, 1999
The Sliders arrive at Oakwood Institute, which appears to be a sort of mental hospital. The patients are roaming the grounds without supervision, and one of them, a man who plays a violin without strings (Paul Sand), says they're having a riot. Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) and Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) decide to look around. Suddenly police cars pull up and helmeted officers order the patients to return to their rooms. Everyone begins running toward the building. Diana (Tembi Locke) and Mallory (Robert Floyd), unsure of what to do, follow along. Rembrandt and Maggie see a sign on the front gate identifying the place as a neural remapping institute. Not sure what it means, but certain it can't be good, they slip through the gate as it begins to close.

13. A Thousand Deaths

Sep 24, 1999
The Sliders land at the Einman Resort Hotel, an adult playground that features highly realistic games putting guests into simulated environments in which they must use their wits and skill to survive. Mallory (Robert Floyd) wants to fight in the Civil War, while Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) opts for a 1970s-style urban detective scenario. Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) and Diana (Tembi Locke) want to skip the games and relax in the Roman Spa.

14. Heavy Metal

Oct 1, 1999
The Sliders land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and are rescued by a merchant vessel. Diana (Tembi Locke) is disturbed. The timer has been programmed so that they are only supposed to slide onto dry land in a 400-mile radius of Southern California, yet her readings show that they are headed for Hawaii. She worries that the timer is malfunctioning and wonders what will happen when they slide again. They must get back to the mainland before the next slide... or they could end up even farther off course.

15. To Catch A Slider

Jan 14, 2000
The Sliders are relieved to find themselves in a normal world, but Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) notices that the timer is malfunctioning. It keeps counting down, then up, then down again. Suddenly, the vortex opens and they are thrust inside. When they are thrown back into an alley, Diana (Tembi Locke) sees that the timer appears to be working normally again, but is worried that it could malfunction again at any moment. Rembrandt admits that it is not the original timer invented by Quinn...

16. Dust

Jan 21, 2000
Landing in a desert, the Sliders search for signs of civilization. They locate an archaeological dig, headed by Dr. Jack Bigelow (Ken Jenkins), a paleontologist, and Gwen Palmer (Elizabeth Lackey), his student assistant. Bigelow says they are excavating an ancient site. The Sliders notice that their tools and methods are old-fashioned, and they are assisted by workers who are as simple as those who toil in Egyptian ruins. This desert is known as the Badlands, and Bigelow welcomes them to stay as long as they help him with the dig. He leads them to a cave to show what he has uncovered so far, and they realize with shock that it is the Chandler Hotel, covered with centuries of dust.

17. Eye Of The Storm

Jan 28, 2000
The Sliders arrive in a strange, stormy city that appears to be deserted. They see a lone figure hurrying down the street and they follow him down an alley. They are shocked to find themselves stopped by a huge wall of energy, and when the stranger turns to face them, they see that he is their old nemesis Dr. Oberon Geiger (Peter Jurasik), but he doesn't seem to recognize them. In a frightened voice, he tells them that death brought them here, but not even death can help them escape.

18. The Seer

Feb 4, 2000
Just before they slide, Diana (Tembi Locke) tells the others that the time will soon be right to be able to send them all back to their own worlds. Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) is wistful, wishing he could go home with something to help battle the Kromaggs. They arrive on the steps of an old courthouse, and are met by a cheering mob carrying welcome signs. Claire LeBeau (Jennifer Hetrick) steps forward to greet them with her father, Marc (Roy Dotrice), also known as the Seer. In Marc's home, the walls are covered with uncannily accurate paintings of the Sliders in their various adventures.


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