Season 3

Season 3

1. Lipples

Feb 2, 2012
"Jon" has to deal with several major changes to his life. Yvgeny falls in love, but the Mirminskys get bad news.

2. Skins

Feb 9, 2012
"Jon" buys a sweet new item for his sweet new loft. The Mirminsky's contemplate revenge for the murder of their father.

3. Midnight Munchingtons

Feb 16, 2012
"Jon" discovers he has an amazing talent. The Wang Cho's press "Jon" for more money.

4. Camping

Feb 23, 2012
"Jon" takes David for a weekend in the country. Todd Barry gets engaged.

5. Warm-Up

Mar 1, 2012
"Jon" hires a warm-up comic for his life. Yvgeny prepares to start his vodka business.

6. Sample

Mar 8, 2012
"Jon" goes on a silent strike. Yvgeny's girlfriend Trish has an affair.

7. Friend

Mar 15, 2012
"Jon" realizes he doesn't have any friends. The Mirminsky's hire someone new.

8. TB's Mom

Mar 22, 2012
TB gets some bad news from his mom. "Jon" asks out his dry cleaner. The Wang Cho's seek revenge for the murder of Bohai.

9. Jon Done Gone Nuts

Mar 29, 2012
"Jon" tries to take more control of his life. War seems imminent between the Mirminsky's and the Wang Cho's.

10. Reunion Show

Apr 5, 2012
Things go wrong at Delocated's first ever Reunion Special.