X-Men, Marvel Comics (92-97)
Season 5

Season 5

1. Storm Front (Part 1)

Nov 2, 1996
The alien Arkon comes to Earth and begs Storm to return with him to his planet, to save it from meteorological chaos which threatens his people.

2. Storm Front (Part 2)

Nov 9, 1996
Spectacular preparations for Storm's wedding to Arkon proceed quickly

3. Blood Lines

Oct 26, 1996
Nightcrawler gets a mysterious message. He is informed that his birth mother (whom he never knew) is in trouble.

4. Long Shot

Oct 5, 1996
Mojo uses Jubilee as a 'prize' to lure Longshot and the X-Men into a deadly contest which Mojo broadcasts 'live' to raise ratings.

5. The Fifth Horseman

Feb 8, 1997
Fabian Cortez kidnaps Jubilee because Apocalypse is trapped in Astral Plane and needs a host body.

6. Jubilee's Fairytale Theater

Nov 16, 1996
Jubilee leads a group of school children on tour of a cave on Mansion property, only to be caught in a cave-in.

7. Old Soldiers

Feb 27, 1997
Wolverine and Captain America must break into a Nazi establishment to rescue a kidnapped scientist, and fight the Red Skull

8. Hidden Agendas

Sep 13, 1997
Sam Guthrie's parents have contacted Professor Xavier about their son's mutant powers.

9. Descent

Sep 6, 1997
The origin of Mr. Sinister is revealed, as Dr. Xavier attempts to stop Essex before he goes too far

10. Graduation Day

Sep 20, 1997
At a Mutant/Human Relations Summit, Henry Peter Gyrich attacks and cripples Professor Xavier with an energy disruptor.


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