2005 • HBO
817 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (10)

1 Passover
(Season Two premiere) In the wake of Caesar's death, Mark Antony considers a move north, while Vorenus issues a curse.
2 Son of Hades
Cleopatra arrives in Rome, to Atia's dismay; Octavian wins over the masses; Vorenus steps into Erastes' shoes.
3 These Being the Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero
As Brutus and Cassius struggle to raise foreign money for an army, Mark Antony changes his post-consul itinerary from Macedonia to Gaul. The plan is derailed when Cicero throws his support to Octavian, the new Caesar.
4 Testudo et Lepus
Servilia finds herself in Atia's villa at the mercy of Timon. Pullo runs into Octavian, who has just won a battle against Mark Antony. The new Caesar decides to return to Rome with his army. Vorenus discovers his children's fate.
5 Heroes of the Republic
Vorenus returns to the Collegium. Octavian urges Cicero to embrace his request to be made Consul; in exchange, Octavian promises not to make a move without consulting Cicero. Two adversaries patch up their differences.
6 Philippi
Brutus and Cassius see their military advantage vanish in the wake of Octavian's alliance with Mark Antony. Vorenus receives orders to execute scores of Rome's elite. Two armies clash, with the future of Rome at stake.
7 Death Mask
Servilia's cries for justice drive Atia to distraction, and result in an unfortunate public denouement. Meanwhile, Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus agree to divvy up Rome's territories, sharing a common treasury.
8 A Necessary Fiction
Octavian proclaims a new era of virtue in Rome, issuing a stern mandate that proves impossible for his family and subordinates to obey. A shipment of gold is hijacked, sending Vorenus on a mission to learn who betrayed whom.
9 No God Can Stop a Hungry Man
Rome is facing a dire shortage of grain, forcing Octavian to barter with Mark Antony. But instead of agreeing to Octavian's price--money and territory--Mark Antony turns him down, pointing to an inevitable conflict.
10 About Your Father
(Series Finale) In the aftermath of the battle of Actium, Mark Antony returns to Alexandria, settling into numbing debauchery with Cleopatra. Meanwhile, Octavian turns to Pullo to convince Vorenus to give up Cleopatra's palace.

About this show

Every city has its secrets. HBO presents this epic series about generals and soldiers, masters and slaves, husbands and wives--all entwined in the furious historical events that saw the death of a republic and the birth of the Roman empire.
817 reviews
Kristina Simms
September 16, 2017
Still my favorite TV show to date. It has all the elements I need. Great story, beautiful cinematography, amazing costume design and and firm attempt at historical accuracy. While nowhere near a "true story" I feel that the creators of Rome really went out of their way to research ancient Rome in order to give their story the feeling of authenticity that it has. (The DVD box sets even included an educational setting where you could pause throughout an episode and learn about ancient Rome.)
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Christopher Hughes
June 17, 2016
The Actors in this show all put their best efforts into their work. Tutus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus are finally realized as they are given the identities that History does not provide. Two of Histories Greatest warriors can now be accounted for. That alone gained my apreciation for this show but without it there is plenty to admire. The accuracy of the historical figures is great but they went even further and gave many, a more real apperence. Such as cleopatra and brutus. Others include cicero and ceacar.
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Michelle LaFayette James
June 17, 2014
Is it great TV sure is, Is it AT ALL historically accurate. NO NO NO, So enjoy it, but never take any of this as fact. Again Entertainment only. Some aspects snuggle up to real history.. Kinda like when your mom tells you, half the truth is worse than a whole lie. a touch of the truth goes along way in selling the story.
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