Season 4

Season 4

1. Living the Dream

Sep 27, 2009
In the season four premiere, Dexter sleeplessly struggles to balance his new family life with his dark, murderous drive for a fresh victim, and his busier-than-ever forensic career pursuing a new target, The Trinity Killer.

2. Remains To Be Seen

Oct 4, 2009
Dexter realizes that he has carelessly misplaced crucial evidence that could expose his dark side to the world.

3. Blinded By The Light

Oct 11, 2009
Dexter is hampered by his neighborhood's increased vigilance due to vandalism, his temporary inability to drive himself anywhere, and his admiration for the killing technique of the artful Trinity Killer.

4. Dex Takes a Holiday

Oct 18, 2009
Dexter gets some much-needed R and R time with Rita and the kids out of town, leading to his stalking of a new victim: a cop that murdered her family.

5. Dirty Harry

Oct 25, 2009
Dexter is inspired to investigate the Trinity Killer on his own, while Debra blames herself for an event that was out of her control. Rita realizes how little she knows her husband after discovering one of his secrets.

6. If I Had a Hammer

Nov 1, 2009
Dexter doubles his efforts to stay ahead of the official Trinity investigation, and receives relationship advice about the friction between himself and Rita from a most unexpected source.

7. Slack Tide

Nov 8, 2009
Dexter finally strikes a balance between family, career and his secret life, but is thwarted in his pursuit of his next victim. Debra expresses a renewed and unwelcomed interest in their father's checkered past.

8. Road Kill

Nov 15, 2009
Dexter wonders if his father's Code is truly the right path, and hopes to get answers by accompanying Trinity on an out-of-town road trip. Debra discovers that her single-minded pursuit of Trinity has blinded her to the truth.

9. Hungry Man

Nov 22, 2009
Dexter learns more about Trinity's bizarre and twisted world, while Rita has her hands full preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a full house.

10. Lost Boys

Nov 29, 2009
The disappearance of a ten-year-old boy forces Dexter to question his assumptions about Trinity.

11. Hello, Dexter Morgan

Dec 6, 2009
Dexter must buy time to protect himself when Debra's investigation brings the department one step away from identifying the Trinity Killer.

12. The Getaway

Dec 13, 2009
In the season four finale, Dexter and Trinity find themselves on a collision course, as Debra unearths a shocking long-hidden truth.


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