The Man Show
Season 5

Season 5

1. Breast Implant Fashion Show

Aug 17, 2003
Joe and Doug want to know all about breast implants -- Joe is visited by The Magical Negro at a strip club, The Man Show Presents its first Breast Implant Fashion Show , Doug's Mom Reviews Porn -- Doug goes hidden camera for a Gay Band Audition

2. Premiere

Aug 24, 2003
The season five premier episode, Joe and Doug discuss Hookers in America, Magical Negro II at a Massage Parlor, the game show parody - Guess Whose Ass Crack w special guest Lou Ferrigno

3. Wheel of Destiny

Aug 31, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss Doug's Vasectomy then they take us to the doctor for a full physical, a Man Show classic Wheel of Destiny, Doug gets serious in Drunken Crossfire -- Doug's mom reviews porn II

4. Sexual Harassment

Sep 7, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss why you should never hit a woman, then Doug agrees to box Tanya Harding, but first Joe takes him to the gym for some training - The Magical Negro III

5. Frozen Ted Williams

Sep 14, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss why women should have sex with real working men which leads them to - Juan Gone Wild the story of a real man and a Juggy, then the Juggies participate in the science fair and a new segment, Man Show Mystery

6. Pulp Fiction

Sep 21, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss what happens in Vegas, the Juggy Consumer Report,  Joe and Doug visit a retirement home to find out if they really do have more sex, and Jay Mohr guest stars in a parody of Pulp Fiction as Christopher Walken, Ass Watch Dealer, then Doug's Mom Reviews Porn IV

7. Joe Shops for Religion

Sep 28, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss Man Show parodies like The Prison Man Show, The Deadbeat Dad's Man Show, The Man of the Cloth Show and The Gay Man Show, commercial parody Negative Home Pregnancy Test, Joe and Doug look for The NeXXT Big X Star with American Idol's Brian Dunkelman and the Juggies go to boot camp

8. The Other Side

Oct 4, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss swimsuit issues vs. real porn, then they hire a sketch artist to show guys what their spouse will look in 20 years, Joe stars in his version of a psychic show in The Other Side with Joe Rogan and they present Man Scams

9. Man Show Mysteries

Oct 19, 2003
Joe and Doug present Irma Wilson The Network Censor, hilarious commercial parodies, The Man Shopping Network and then it all gets serious on Hooker Crossfire from the world famous Bunny Ranch

10. Ass Crack Game Show

Oct 26, 2003
Joe and Doug discuss bad relationships and then pay it off with their idea for a new dating service called I'll Suitors, Part 2 of Joe's new psychic show, The Other Side, and, of course, midgets

11. Girlfriend Junkwares

Nov 2, 2003
Joe and Doug welcome "Brian Holtzman," the guy who threw water on a crying baby to shut it up, they interview frozen Ted Williams, Joe Shops for a Religion, and then the audience gets to do Q&A with frozen Ted Williams

12. Make Me Stiff

May 2, 2004
Joe and Doug discuss gender betrayal, especially by Dr. Phil, a Dr. Phil look alike does a book signing and gives out bad advice, the guys debut a new game show called Make Me Stiff, it's time for Geriatric Crossfire with old guys talking about sex, and Juggy Consumer Report 2

13. Nexxt Big Star

May 2, 2004
This is the sterilization episode where Joe and Doug reveal intimate details of their sex life to their moms on the game show, That's My Boy with Joe and Doug's Moms, they take to the streets to see fi they can buy a guy's sterilization on Who Wants to be Sterilized?, it's time for another Wheel of Destiny and Joe takes to the streets to convince people to sell Garage Sale Stuff That's Not Yours.

14. Dr. Phil

May 9, 2004
Joe and Doug trash self-help gurus, part 2 of Dr. Phil Signs Books, Blue Balls the midget is here, Doug's Mom Reviews Porn Again and another amazing Juggy Consumer Reports

15. Man Show Shopping Network

May 16, 2004
Joe and Doug present Man Show Inspirational Stories starring "Juggy Kathy", its Guess Whose Ass Crack II with Ron Jeremy, and another episode of Geriatric Crossfire

16. Breakup Bounty Hunters

May 23, 2004
Joe and Doug skewer "platonic" relationships, Blue Balls the midget returns, Joe and Doug host a new show that gets your stuff back called, The Breakup Bounty Hunters, and they finally crack in Words You Can Get Past the Censor

17. Juggy Science Fair

May 30, 2004
Joe and Doug encourage you to Quit Your Crappy Job, they do a solid for the everyday man in Hot Tubs For Humanity, present new stuff for sale on The Man Show Shopping Network , and test the Juggies engineering skills in Girlfriend Junk Wars

18. Midget Porn

Jun 6, 2004
Joe and Doug discuss being how handicapped guys get way with a lot, so they send a Singing Blind Guy to see how far he can push it, Man Show Man celebrates the guy who cuts off his own arm to save his life, The Man Show Investigates - Sexual Experiences with Midgets and more Juggy Consumer Products

19. Church of the Man Show

Jun 13, 2004
Joe and Doug discuss religion and sex, and in the charitable turn they present Hot Tubs for Humanity just before Joe turns priest of The Church of The Man Show Confessions, and then they close it out with The Hot Girl Test

20. Toilet Expo

Jun 19, 2004
Joe and Doug present The Man Show Ten Commandments, Joe visits the world famous Bunny ranch for his Movie Club, the world's first Toilet Expo and Frozen Ted Williams returns for more Q&A

21. Compilation Show

Jun 19, 2004
The Best of The Man Show from the Catalina Island Dump with:  Magical Negro Massage Parlor, Rivington Investments, Joe and Doug get their physical, Hot Tub for Humanity, Drunken Cross Fire

22. Compilation Show 2

Jun 19, 2004
The Second best of The Man Show from Catalina - Magical Negro Hooker:  Ill Suitors- Dr Phil Takes Questions, Ass Watch with Jay Mohr, Doug's Mom Reviews Porn


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