Instant Star
Season 4

Season 4

1. Your Time is Gonna Come

Jun 2, 2008
Jude's finally chosen Tommy as the guy she wants to be with but her dreams of first time sex-on-the-beach are dashed when Darius wrangles Jude and Tommy back into the studio of G Major. And to make matters worse, she's sideswiped by one reminder after another that Tommy's been around the block. Jamie tries to keep his pining under wraps and start up a new record label with Paegan.  And over in a sexy condo, newlyweds Karma and Spiederman find themselves stars of their own reality show, prepping a lavish redo of their wedding vows for the cameras.

2. She Drives Me Crazy

Jun 15, 2008
For better or worse, everyone is getting sucked into the vortex of Karma and Speed's upcoming, on-camera wedding extravaganza. Thanks to the ever-present reality TV crew, Speed starts learning things about Karma he never knew. They find a spot in their apartment hidden from the cameras and start confessing secrets to each other.  Desire for fame overwhelms and Karma begins laying into everyone, including Speed with enough Karma-tude that she's in danger of sabotaging both the lavish wedding and the entire relationship.

3. Changes

Jun 22, 2008
Jude's stung when it turns out she's just about the only one who hasn't been invited to Jamie and Paegan s party but she won't give up her best friend without a fight.  Sadie, meanwhile, still hasn't drummed up the courage to tell her sister that Kwest has moved in with them. Karma s TV career looks like it's about to tank after everyone responds to some preview footage by stiffening up whenever the cameras are rolling.  Not realizing he s on hidden Karma camera , Speed cuts loose at a house party and -- much to Karma's dismay -- acts like a complete jackass. Can Karma reign Speed in, or will she let herself be drawn into the tomfoolery?

4. Us and Them

Jun 29, 2008
Jude s happy and in love!  And, she s bursting to tell her fans about her relationship with Tommy.  When she gets the opportunity to do so on television, her enthusiasm fuels some ill-advised couch-jumping antics.  Jude is tossed into a downward spiral when the paparazzi make Jude look so bad that she questions her own emotional and mental stability.  Will she keep it together, or will the spotlight finally prove too bright for our young hero? Meanwhile, Jamie and Paegan are surprised when the teenage music keener Lynn pops up in Nana s basement eager to start working for their record label as an intern.  Lynn s eagerness soon has Jamie worried, though, and he starts to suspect that she s hiding some stalker-like impulses& . is she a harmless kook, or should Paegan be watching his back?

5. We Belong

Jul 6, 2008
Instant Star Auditions! Darius announces that Tommy and Jude will be judges in the 4th Instant Star competition& without telling them first. But, after receiving a mysterious phone call during the audition, Tommy checks out and leaves Jude devastated and baffled. When she finally hunts him down, Jude finds a family situation that may force him to return to the east coast indefinitely. With her heart ripped in two, Jude must plow through recording the last track in her 3rd album, a love song. It s the hardest thing she ll ever do. But will Jude be able to stick by her decision and let Tommy get away??

6. My Hometown

Jul 13, 2008
Weeks have passed since Tommy left for New Brunswick.  Communication has been sporadic and frustrating.  What s a lovestruck girl to do& but surprise her guy by arriving unannounced on his doorstep. But Tommy s sour reaction to Jude s surprise visit is so not what she expected. Being back in his old town with his old friends has resurrected the Tommy of old sullen, secretive, the classic bad boy. Can Jude save him before he succumbs to his worst enemy himself, or will their relationship pay the ultimate price? Back in the city, Zeppelin helps Jamie and Paegan zero in on Blu as the most promising Instant Star hopeful.  They concoct a plan to poach Blu before she can sign G Major s agreement.

7. Not an Addict

Jul 20, 2008
Jude is back fresh from New Brunswick and her devastating break-up with Tommy. Strangely though, she s effervescent. No one knows what happened with Tommy, and she s determined to keep it that way. Instead, she s going to throw herself into her music and she s brimming with ideas for making her third album the best ever.  Aside from mastering, Darius thinks the album s done, end of story.  But she can t let it go and she spirals into a musical obsession that threatens her career, her relationships and her health. Meanwhile, Zeppelin decides that Jamie is the man for her, whether he knows it or not. She turns to Karma for advice on love and boys. All seems to be going well until Jamie s romantic tryst with the super-sexy Blu is revealed. What s a girl to do with a hopeless crush, a broken heart and rival like that?

8. Brilliant Mistake

Jul 27, 2008
It s the big day: Jude s third album is hitting the shelves! Completing the thing nearly destroyed her, and she s eager to see it become the hit she knows it ll be. Not even the advance thumbs-downs from the critics can diminish her expectations. But the album s a commercial flop. Shattered by the news, Jude listens to the album for the first time since she handed over the masters. The critics were right. It s an overproduced mess. Will new friend Megan be able to show Jude the worth of her music buried under the layers of drum loops, overdubs, and syrupy strings? Jamie s got problems of his own. He just doesn t know it yet. Darius has discovered that Jamie and Paegan poached his Instant Star favourite Blu, and now he wants revenge. Will NBR survive a death strike from Darius and G Major?

9. Possession

Aug 3, 2008
Tommy s back but makes no attempt to see Jude and to take her mind off her Tommy troubles, new friend and break-up survivor Megan comes to the rescue with her Five Steps To Achieving Total Closure. She s going to help Jude put Tommy behind her no matter what, even if Jude backslides like nobody s business. Meanwhile, Jamie tap dances to convince his star (and only) artist Blu to stick with NBR in spite of the exodus of Paegan (and his money) from the label. Blu likes the idea of being NBR s crown jewel what she doesn t like is the burgeoning relationship between Jamie and Zeppelin. Zeppelin will suck up what she needs to support Jamie, but she s got her limits. When these two clash, it can only result in one thing two words: cat fight.

10. Every Breath You Take

Aug 10, 2008
It s the eve of the premiere of Rock & Roll Honeymoon!  Karma couldn t be happier and her head couldn t be huger.  But when the show airs, she is mortified.  Karma has been reduced to the role of harpy, the villain of her on-screen life.  It doesn t help that Speed is actually enjoying his fifteen minutes and fielding offers.  So, when fans launch a Save Speed campaign, it s the last straw.  Karma goes into damage-control overdrive.  She must win back the public s love& at any cost.  Meanwhile, Jude agrees to play in a celebrity poker tournament - all for charity.  Too bad Jude knows squat about poker.  Things go awry at the tournament and Jude finds herself a pawn in one of Karma s desperate schemes to take back her fame.

11. She Walks On Me

Aug 17, 2008
Jude s latest album has come and gone from the charts in a flash. Bummed but not beaten, Jude s determined to remix the album and re-release all the songs as they should have been done. Problem is, it ll cost heaps of cash to pay for it all cash Darius certainly won t cough up. So to come up with the money, Jude bites the bullet and accepts a lucrative job acting in a wacky Japanese commercial. But Megan, who has helped Jude through some hard times and thinks she knows best, is dead-set against this selling out . When Megan pulls out all the stops in a bid to sabotage the commercial, Jude must decide if their friendship is healthy for either of them.Meanwhile, the Karma and Spiederman war is heating up. When Thurman purposefully double-books them on the same popular talk show, they each engage in some relationship espionage hoping to force the other off the show. It could all backfire and damage both their careers, or it could turn out to be the best television ever. Stay tuned!

12. Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment

Aug 24, 2008
Thanks to her Japanese commercial, Jude has the money she needs to remix her album but Darius isn t interested in giving it back.  Luckily, Jude seems to be forging a new, mature friendship with Tommy.  She convinces him that if he s truly her friend, he ll hit up Darius for the remix rights at the upcoming G Major spa retreat.  In an effort to build company morale, Darius whisks his G Major top guns off to the spa.  Kwest, Sadie, Karma and bringing up the rear, Tommy are all on board for a day of team-building exercises, pampering, and catharsis.   Each of them, however, is distracted by their own agendas.  With everyone out of town, Jude is left to deal with a very territorial Megan, who is not just over-protective she s full-blown disturbed.

13. London Calling

Aug 31, 2008
All Jude Harrison ever wanted was to be a normal girl. Well, as normal as a rock star could possibly be. Reporters and fans have swarmed her home. Bodyguards are attached at the hip. Restaurants close and clear so she may eat in peace. With this much fame& can Jude be normal ever again? And there are choices. And decisions. Most notably, Jude is offered a once-in-a-lifetime recording contract in London, England. At the same time, Jude and Tommy are falling for each other all over again. Tommy offers to move to England with her and make their relationship legit. Like legit legit? She will announce her ultimate decision at the concert& .Meanwhile, Karma and Speed shoot the scripted season finale for their reality series. But Thurman has manipulated their lives for the last time. Karma just can t sell out her Speedy. Thurman gets fired and Karma and Speed shoot a genuine, warm, reconciliation for the cameras& right before they rip every last one out of the loft.