Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Season 4

Season 4

401. Episode 1

Apr 7, 2011
Belle's back! But with a new business proposition, an uninvited house guest in a new home, a challenging client, and the all-important question hanging over her head: should she commit to her best friend Ben? Belle's life has never been this complicated.

402. Episode 2

Apr 14, 2011
Has Belle taken on more than she can chew? As the reality of being a Madam at the agency, a girlfriend to live-in boyfriend Ben, a chaperone to Stephanie's daughter Poppy, and a high-class escort hits home, Belle struggles. When she meets Ben's mother, there's an even bigger shock in store.

403. Episode 3

Apr 21, 2011
Belle's ability to separate work from pleasure is tested when she meets Harry, an alluring and dangerous new client. Meanwhile, Poppy's curiosity about Belle gets the better of her.

404. Episode 4

Apr 28, 2011
While weighing an offer to turn her book into a feature film, Belle attempts to help Poppy come to terms with recent revelations, but Poppy has other ideas. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Belle and dominatrix Charlotte continues when Charlotte plays a cruel trick leaving Belle somewh...holding the "Baby."

405. Episode 5

May 5, 2011
Having had a fight with Ben, Belle is determined to leave behind her complicated London life as she arrives in New York to ponder an offer to turn her life into a movie. But the experience isn't quite what she'd hoped and Belle soon starts to miss Ben. Meanwhile, Ben has his hands full with the increasingly minx-like Poppy and Madam-in-waiting, Charlotte.

406. Episode 6

May 12, 2011
There's a nasty shock in store for Belle when she arrives home from New York, which leaves her in fighting spirits. She unleashes the closet wrestler in her client and battles Charlotte for London escort supremacy. Relations between Belle and Ben hit a new low when Poppy comes between them.

407. Episode 7

May 19, 2011
Belle throws herself into a vampire role play, but the appointment comes to an unfortunate end. Meanwhile, Ben and Belle's already-rocky relationship is further tested by an unpredictable Harry and an alluring Poppy.

408. Episode 8

May 26, 2011
The series comes to a climatic end when Ben asks Belle to give up her job to save their relationship. Belle is thrown into turmoil and her life is further complicated by the presence of the dangerous Harry and a client who's looks are familiar. It's decision time: her relationship or her job? Belle or Hannah?


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