Baroness Von Sketch Show

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Season 5 episodes (13)

1 Whatever You Do, Don't Smell His T-shirts
When your Ex's apartment is emotionally radioactive. Female mobsters discuss the proper way to shoot someone. Dog show drama.
2 I Prefer the Term "Bonus Parent"
The upside of mom brain. Death bed drama. Witch trials and tribulations.
3 Did an Eagle Steal Your Baby?
The problem with superheroes. Someone forgot Marla's birthday. Surviving the apocalypse with your ex.
4 I've Got a Date with a Gnome and He is Hawt!
Who are we cursing here? An updated fairy tale. A hangover after 40 proves to be no joke. When you only have one hair elastic.
5 All I'm Saying is Her Car Has Eyelashes
Jan brought snacks; some people can wear anything; the famous last words of Emily Dickenson.
6 Baby Toe Disease
ASMR in the workplace. An impossible math equation. Adult head lice are much worse.
7 Pénis Misérable
Parsing a compliment. Queer Theory vs. Pretty in Pink. French dirty talk reveals secrets.
8 Don't Call Me Lady
The art of maximizing the buffet. Fragrance free workspace is a nightmare. Finding the quiet room at the party.
9 Mercury Is In Retrograde
Mercury is in retrograde. A cake with a threatening aura. Red Wine Ladies go to the cottage.
10 I Wrote a Play About My Ex
Trouble in the Uber pool; a wine pairing for crying while watching Netflix.
11 Women Love Breadcrumbs
The problem with audio books; the dad or the date; improv at Mom's funeral.
12 Back of the Line Old Man
That's my "thing" so get your own; hazing the new girl.
13 No One Steals the Kale
Future art; fashion over 40; plastic panic: a cautionary tale about takeout containers.

About this show

Fast paced and irreverent, Baroness Von Sketch Show celebrates the absurd, mines the embarrassing, and satirizes our daily lives. This all-female, single-camera comedy series takes a fresh look at our navel-gazing, contemporary culture. A satirical sketch comedy with bite-sized observations of the absurdities of everyday life. From finding the right pair of jeans, to a high stakes game of F...k, Marry, Kill, this series has a unique take on the ridiculousness of modern day culture.

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15 reviews
B. Galletti
November 16, 2019
Best Show EVER! Saw this comment and it explains the show beautifully....a cross between The Kids In The Hall & Tracey Ullman. Granted most of the sketches are female centric but funny is funny and they are HILARIOUS!
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Alex Stone
September 27, 2017
very lame show..
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William Stradford
January 30, 2021
Love this show, but where's the new episodes at!?????
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