Stargate Universe

2011 • Syfy
227 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (20)

1 Air Part 1
As a team of explorers prepares to unlock one of the final mysteries of the Stargate, their off-world base is viciously attacked.
2 Air Part 2
A small group of civilians and military personnel escape through the Stargate to a ship that is locked on course through deep space.
3 Air Part 3
The air is running out on the Destiny and a solution is sought on a desolate planet.
4 Darkness
When the Destiny suffers a complete loss of power, they hope a nearby planet is habitable.
5 Light
Unable to avoid a collision course with a star, a lottery is held to decide who gets to abandon ship.
6 Water
Col. Young and Lt. Scott search a frozen planet for much needed water, while those aboard the Destiny track down an intruder.
7 Earth
A high-risk operation could conceivably return everyone trapped on board the Destiny to Earth, but not without risking their lives.
8 Time
The crew recovers one of their Kinos from a newly discovered jungle planet and finds it filled with data.
9 Life
While Scott and Wray use the stones to visit loved ones back on Earth, the crew exploration of the Destiny turns up a startling discovery.
10 Justice
When the body of a crew member is discovered, the crew must deal with the fact that there is a murderer in their midst.
11 Space
A transmission glitch with the communication stones sends Col. Young's consciousness somewhere far from Earth.
12 Divided
While Col. Young and Lt. Scott explore the ship's hull for an Alien-tracking device a growing divide among the crew threatens the current command structure aboard Destiny.
13 Faith
When Destiny abruptly drops out of FTL, Dr. Rush is at a loss to explain the sudden appearance of a lone planet orbiting an uncharted star.
14 Human
Dr. Nicholas Rush attempts to navigate the Destiny's core systems using the neural interface in hopes of finding the key to take control of the ship before the interface itself kills him.
15 Lost
Unable to make it back to the gate before the Destiny jumped to FTL, the team is left stranded.
16 Sabotage
Without the means to alter the Destiny's course, Dr. Rush calculates the Destiny will fall short of making it to the next galaxy, stranding them indefinitely.
17 Pain
Members of the Destiny crew begin experiencing disturbingly real hallucinations.
18 Subversion
Dr. Rush becomes embroiled in a risky plan to expose a mole inside Homeworld Command.
19 Incursion Part 1
The Lucian Alliance forces Dr. Rush to help them stage an assault on the Destiny.
20 Incursion Part 2
The Destiny crew must fight for their lives when members of the Lucian Alliance come through the Stargate, bent on taking the ship by force.

About this show

When their hidden base comes under attack, a band of civilians and military personnel escape through a Stargate on an ancient ship headed into deep space.  Now, these survivors must figure out a way to get back to Earth, while also providing themselves with the most basic of needs - food, water and air.

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227 reviews
Michael Aldrich
July 30, 2022
I just finished watching this show for the first time in 2022. At the time that this show was running I stupidly listened to the segment of stargate fans who were boycotting the show and didn't try it. It is a real shame that the show was cancelled after only 2 seasons. It's a very different feel than the other stargate shows. While I miss the planet exploration, the show does other things well enough to endear itself to me. It ends on a frustrating cliff hanger.
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jon p
May 14, 2021
I wasn't even a SG fan when I started watching this show. I found it by a lucky search. I clicked on the icon for the show and it said sci-fi so i hit play & my first foray into the Stargate universe(pun intended)began. I thought the show had such a compelling storyline. Effects were top notch. It had such an interesting plot that I never lost interest from beginning to it's way too early end. I binge watched both seasons in one day & it left me wanting more! Luckily there was SG-1 & Atlantis!!!
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A Google user
July 4, 2018
Unbelievably frustrating that this show was ended the way it was. I grudgingly watched this show at first actually sure I wasn't going to like it, but I ended up becoming invested. I think it was honestly just getting really good and then it's cancelled. Seriously terrible management at the Sci-Fi channel.
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