Season 2

Season 2

1. Plane Crash

Oct 7, 2012
In a TV first, Discovery Channel remote control crashes a 727 plane into the dessert...all in the name of science. With cameras and crash test dummies on board, leading experts attempt to capture a plane crash as it unfolds to help improve airline safety.

2. The Devil's Triangle

Oct 14, 2012
Ships disappear, planes vanish into thin air. Researchers turn to science to explain the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Could methane bubbles, rogue waves or lightening be responsible? Scientists put all 3 theories to the ultimate test.

3. I Was Mummified

Oct 21, 2012
One scientist is on a quest to answer an ancient mystery: how did the Egyptians perfectly preserve mummies? A terminally ill man offers up his body. Now, for the first time in over a millennium, researchers practice the art of mummification.

4. Brainwashed

Oct 28, 2012
Are we truly in command of our own minds? To find out, a group of leading experts and researchers embark on an audacious experiment to see if ordinary people can be brainwashed and turned into assassins.

5. Sex in America

Nov 11, 2012
The Univ. of Indiana conducted the most thorough census of Americans' sex life since the 1940's. In partnership with the Kinsey Institute, Discovery Channel conducts exclusive research and experiments that explore what Americans are really up to in bed.

6. Megastorm

Nov 18, 2012
Hurricane Sandy is one of the most treacherous storms to hit the US. CURIOSITY goes on the ground with those who experienced the event first hand and uncovers how distinct phenomena combined to create the perfect storm and how to prepare for the next one.

7. Mankind Rising

Nov 25, 2012
Captured in a single, animated time lapsed shot, and based on the latest archeological findings, we trace our epic journey from the first spark of life billions of years ago up to our present status as the most successful species on the planet.

8. Volcano Time Bomb

Dec 9, 2012
Predicting volcanic eruptions is nearly impossible. Using CGI and the latest technologies, leading experts take us into the heart of a volcano to show how they work and reveal the latest methods that might help predict the next eruption.

9. What Destroyed the Hindenburg?

Dec 16, 2012
Curiosity presents: There are dozens of theories about how Hindenburg blew in May 1937. Now, a team of aeronautical engineers will build 3 perfectly accurate 50 ft. replicas and put leading theories to the test to find what really destroyed Hindenburg.

10. X-Ray Yellowstone

Dec 23, 2012
Curiosity presents:From predicting a volcanic eruption, to why wolves are decimating the elk population, Yellowstone researchers have many questions.New imaging technologies and live unfolding events, allow scientists to expose the wonders of this park.

11. Sun Storm

Dec 30, 2012
Curiosity presents: Our star is entering a new phase of violent activity But what do we really know about the sun and its inner workings? In a visual first, we create a virtual sun and set the world's solar scientists on an expedition through the sun.


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