Dual Survival
Season 3

Season 3

1. Dual Survival Unbraided

Jan 1, 2013
Dual Survival is back with all new episodes and a brand new partner for Cody Lundin, Special Operations veteran Joe Teti.

2. Mars on Earth

Jan 1, 2013
Two guys with two completely opposing approaches to survival take on one of the most barren landscapes on the planet, Chile's Atacama Desert, known as "Mars on Earth". Battling dehydration and hyperthermia, Joe and Cody lock horns over resources.

3. On the Menu

Jan 8, 2013
Stranded in the South African bush and in close proximity to the planet's deadliest predators including lions and leopards, Joe and Cody fight to get out alive while hiding from poachers who may be hunting them.

4. Into The Frying Pan

Jan 15, 2013
Deep in the desert, Joe struggles to get out of an abandoned mineshaft. A deadly rattlesnake becomes dinner, and a maggot-infested cow carcass puts the team's survival tactics to the test.

5. Trouble in Paradise

Jan 22, 2013
Isolated in the jungle of an uninhabited Hawaiian island, Joe and Cody lock heads over priorities. Cody battles the dangers of dehydration searching for water and fire-making tools, while Joe gears up for mortal combat with aggressive feral boars.

6. The Green Hell

Jan 29, 2013
Marooned on the banks of the mighty Amazon River, surrounded by the impenetrable jungle of Ecuador's rainforest, Joe and Cody show how to stay alive on the world's deadliest river, if they can keep from killing each other first.

7. Twin Peaks

Feb 5, 2013
Tempers get hot when survival tactics collide as Joe and Cody struggle to escape the Nicaraguan jungle. The men are stranded at the top of a steep, muddy volcano, and Cody takes on the role of a hiker suffering an immobilizing knee injury.

8. Meltdown

Feb 12, 2013
Stranded in the middle of Zambia's hot, wild plains, Joe and Cody must avoid territorial hippos and herds of elephants to find water and shelter.

9. Belly Of The Beast

Feb 19, 2013
Isolated beneath the mountains of Romania, lost in a labyrinth of underground caves, Joe and Cody fight to escape the pitch black darkness with dying headlamps. Their teamwork is further strained by their opposing survival philosophies.

10. Castaways

Feb 26, 2013
Marooned on a deserted island somewhere in Fiji, Joe and Cody face unpredictable and punishing tropical storms and brave shark-infested waters. With limited resources and up against enormous odds, they'll show how to get back to civilization alive.

11. Rocky Mountain High

Mar 5, 2013
Stranded at over 9,000 feet above sea level in the snow covered Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Cody and Joe battle temperatures of negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit in an effort to fight off hypothermia, and stay alive long enough to get spotted by passing

12. Misty Mountain Drop

Mar 12, 2013
In a classic wilderness survival scenario, Cody and Joe take on the mountains of Northern California. The damp and treacherous woodland environment wreaks havoc on the body with drastic temperature changes and a lack of dry materials for fire-building.


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