Oban Star Racers
Season 2

Season 2

1. Welcome To Oban!

Sep 11, 2006
At long last, Team Earth has made it to Planet Oban, where the grand finals take place.

2. Fierce Like Lord Furter

Sep 18, 2006
The second race of Oban is starting, and Molly and Jordan have a skirmish and a disagreement with Lord Furter, an alien pirate. Will he resort to crude tactics in the race?

3. Nervous Like Ning & Skun

Sep 25, 2006
Molly and Jordan have quite a time in the fourth race, can they overcome their internal and external conflicts to gain at least one point?

4. Optimised Like Ondai

Oct 2, 2006
Molly vows to win the next race at the snow territory of Planet Oban.

5. Monstrous Like Muir

Oct 16, 2006
The finals continue as the Earth Team has finally begun to catch up in the rankings. They soon face a bug racer, whose quest for the Ultimate Prize may not be so different from Molly's.

6. The Origina Of The World

Oct 30, 2006
The next race takes place in Oban's center, where the stakes are high, as future planets exist around them.

7. Secret Like Sul

Nov 6, 2006
Prince Aikka forms a pact with two other teams to take out the leading racer, Sul, from the rankings. However, a hidden force behind the scenes may already have that planned as the sixth race commences.

8. Ominous Like O

Nov 20, 2006
When Don Wei breaks it to Eva that he's found out she is his daughter, Eva is infuriated with his attempts to run away from his life after Maya's death. And the next race also will impact their emotions.

9. Revelations

Nov 27, 2006
In the previous episode, Molly (Eva) and Jordan had fallen deep into the ravine. During their trek, they have another encounter with the native beings of Oban. A shattering secret concerning the Ultimate Prize is learned as well.

10. Cruel Like Kross

Dec 8, 2006
Nothing is clear to Eva anymore. Personally, she doesn't see why she would want to race anymore. However, she can't throw everything away, since a Crog victory would lead to Earth being obliterated. Eva must stop Kross from winning.

11. Canaletto's Revenge

Dec 11, 2006
After discovering the reality of the Ultimate Prize, Kross goes on a rampage and takes all of the racers down in the final race. Eva is the only one who stands against him in his path to victory.

12. Unlikely Alliances

Dec 11, 2006
Canaletto is free, and in order to stop him from destroying everything that "interferes with destiny," as he says, the remaining racers team up to stop him.

13. The Moment Of Truth

Dec 11, 2006
As Eva, Jordan, and Aikka make their way through the temple and try to survive against Canaletto's ungodly evil, they must also try to get to the Creators to stop Canaletto. Canaletto is after Eva, and startling revelations and epilogues take place.