Major Crimes
Season 2

Season 2

1. Final Cut

Jun 10, 2013
In the series premiere, the squad scrambles to get a confession when the pregnant wife of a big-time film director is found murdered. New Deputy D.A. Emma Rios challenges Raydor.

2. False Pretenses

Jun 17, 2013
A complex murder-suicide case has the department reeling. Meanwhile, when Rusty receives a mysterious and threatening letter, Emma demands that he be relocated.

3. Under the Influence

Jun 24, 2013
A meddling television writer/producer (guest star BEN FELDMAN -- Mad Men) accompanies Sanchez and Tao on a ride-along so he can get an inside look at the LAPD. But what starts out as a simple outing quickly gets out of hand.

4. I, Witness

Jul 1, 2013
The LAPD flies a material witness into Los Angeles to testify, but, in a horrible turn of events, the witness winds up as the key suspect in an entirely new murder. Personal and professional stress takes a toll on Flynn. And the squad takes bets when Rusty brings a girl from class to hang out with him at the police department.

5. D.O.A.

Jul 8, 2013
The squad investigates a brutal murder, but they soon find that dark secrets are at the root of an apparent drug bust gone wrong. Meanwhile, Raydor's estranged husband of 25 years, Jack Raydor (recurring guest star TOM BERENGER -- Hatfields & McCoys, Inception, Platoon), returns to Los Angeles to work as a court-appointed attorney. Charming and charismatic, Jack becomes fast friends with Rusty, but Sharon continues to remain wary.

6. Boys Will Be Boys

Jul 15, 2013
When a child with gender dysphoria goes missing, the Major Crimes division scrambles to solve the emotional case before it's too late. Torn between several suspects and contradictory evidence, the squad has to be careful in connecting the pieces. Meanwhile, Jack Raydor (recurring guest star TOM BERENGER) attempts to make up for years of lousy parenting.

7. Rules of Engagement

Jul 22, 2013
In a case that brings gang violence and social profiling to the forefront, the squad realizes that things are not always as they seem. Complicating matters further, Sharon offers Jack (recurring guest star TOM BERENGER) the opportunity to be a court-appointed attorney in the case. Meanwhile, Rusty expresses apprehension about meeting Kris's (recurring guest star MADISON McLAUGHLIN -- Supernatural, The Mentalist) parents

8. The Deep End

Jul 29, 2013
The media goes into a frenzy when a body is found at the home of an award-winning swimming coach. Flynn struggles with an emotional dilemma on the eve of his daughter's wedding. Kris's (recurring guest star MADISON McLAUGHLIN) mother pays Raydor a visit to discuss some concerns.

9. There's No Place Like Home

Aug 5, 2013
DDA Hobbs (recurring guest star KATHE MAZUR) gets involved in a case concerning the suspicious death of a customs agent. Meanwhile, Provenza avoids discussing a sensitive issue with Raydor. MARION ROSS (Happy Days), TIM CONWAY (The Carol Burnett Show, McHale's Navy), RON GLASS (Firefly, Barney Miller), DORIS ROBERTS (Everybody Loves Raymond, The Middle), PAUL DOOLEY (16 Candles, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and PAUL McCRANE (ER, Harry's Law) guest star.

10. Backfire

Aug 12, 2013
In a case that hits a little too close to home for Rusty, a 19-year-old prostitute is brutally murdered. The squad rushes to reach a deal with the remorseless killer they believe is part of a larger criminal enterprise. Their efforts, however, do not sit well with the judge assigned to the case.

11. Poster Boy

Aug 19, 2013
The team works strategically to capture a serial killer who has put everyone on high alert. Trying to solve the case quickly, Raydor is torn between two seemingly right decisions, each of which comes with major consequences. Meanwhile, Rusty is given some extra freedom, but more threats leave him afraid to stray far from home.

12. Pick Your Poison

Nov 25, 2013
After a bad batch of drugs claims the lives of two brothers, the race is on for the squad to find the dealer before more of the brothers' fellow high school students are threatened. Meanwhile, feeling smothered by his new around-the-clock security detail, Rusty faces a big decision.

13. Jailbait

Dec 2, 2013
When a newly released prisoner misses two back-to-back parole meetings, the squad is called in to track him down after the suspect's therapist expresses concerns over his mental state. Meanwhile, Raydor invites a therapist, Dr. Joe Bowman (recurring guest star BILL BROCHTRUP -- NYPD Blue, Shameless), to the office to evaluate Rusty over a game of chess. ESAI MORALES (NYPD Blue, Caprica) also guest stars.

14. All In

Dec 9, 2013
When a body turns up at a posh country club in a quiet neighborhood, the squad's investigation leads them down a money trail full of surprises. Flynn is noticeably distracted on the job, and DDA Rios's actions have Rusty questioning her intentions, causing him to distrust her even more.

15. Curve Ball

Dec 16, 2013
Christmas vacation is interrupted for the Major Crimes division when a baseball scout is found dead in his RV. The squad works through the murder case, unfolding a complicated kidnapping scheme. Meanwhile, Rusty opens up to Dr. Joe (recurring guest star BILL BROCHTRUP) about his mom.

16. Risk Assessment

Dec 23, 2013
When a well-off graduate student gets shot to death in a gang-riddled neighborhood, the Major Crimes division must work with the FBI, including Fritz Howard (recurring guest star JON TENNEY) to find his killer. Throughout the investigation, it is revealed how each member of the unit became interested in joining the police force.

17. Year-End Blowout

Dec 30, 2013
A year-end "blowout" sale becomes literal for a used-car lot after one of its owners is killed when a bomb explodes. While the squad tries to find who is responsible, Rusty dons a bulletproof vest under the watchful eye of Lt. Chuck Cooper (recurring guest star MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER -- The Cosby Show, Malcolm & Eddie, Reed Between the Lines), a Special Investigation Section (SIS) supervisor, in an attempt to catch the person responsible for threatening the lives of both Rusty and Sharon.

18. Return to Sender

Jan 6, 2014
The squad must work quickly to track down a serial killer before he strikes again. Meanwhile, things get dangerous over a game of chess. Recurring guest star MALCOLM-JAMAL WARNER appears as Lt. Chuck Cooper.

19. Part 2

Jan 13, 2014
In the season finale, the Major Crimes unit draws closer to finding a dangerous serial killer. Rusty faces his biggest challenge yet when he bravely takes the stand against Phillip Stroh. Complicating the case further, the team goes head to head with Linda Rothman (guest star JERI RYAN -- Body of Proof, Leverage, Boston Public, Star Trek: Voyager) a tough, powerful attorney who doesn't let morals stand in her way of winning a case. Recurring guest star JON TENNEY (The Closer) appears as Fritz Howard.


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