Deadly Cults

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Season 2 episodes (8)

1 Spiritual Warriors
After three obedient followers die during an intense sweat lodge ceremony put on by a prominent self-help guru, police must determine if their deaths were accidental, or did the guru push the participants too far.
2 Angel's Landing
To his followers, he's an angel who died and came back to life, but when seemingly accidental deaths keep occurring around him, one investigator digs deeper. Are these strange coincidences or is something more disturbing going on at Angel's Landing?
3 Online Alien Reptiles
It was a 911 call for a suicide. However, when cops interview the victim's girlfriend, she claims there's more behind his death. Police must determine if an online cult that believes in aliens and reptiles disguised as humans is actually at fault.
4 Heaven's Gate
A family is desperate to find their daughter, Gail, who ran off with a strange cult. Years later, police are called to a posh mansion near San Diego and are shocked to find 39 bodies in a mass suicide. Was Gail one of the deceased or did she escape?
5 The Camp
A quadruple murder rocks a small California town, leading police to investigate a refugee camp run by a local man. What appeared as a quiet, small community soon reveals itself as a sinister group full of manipulation, abuse, and violent rituals.
6 The Ervilites
A community is shocked when a prominent local doctor is gunned down by two mysterious women in broad daylight. Through the investigation, Murray, Utah police uncover a web of warring prophets, strained families, and multiple murder plots.
7 The Gatekeepers
The Gatekeepers saw themselves as pure participants in a religious quest to cleanse the world. When a member challenges the cult's radical leader, cops discover how he paid for his disobedience with his life. Now his killers are nowhere to be found.
8 Synanon
A Los Angeles lawyer is attacked by a poisonous rattlesnake leading police to a bizarre cult veiled as a drug and alcohol rehab facility. The cops uncover a group of blind followers willing to do anything at their leader's urging, even murder.

About this show

This true crime series exposes the complex mystery behind a murder (or string of murders) committed by members of a vicious cult. Each episode zeros in on the cult responsible for a homicide and begins to unravel the cult's genesis from the leader down to the individual members. Featuring access to law enforcement and former members, first hand accounts help explain the cult's beliefs and how it drove its members to kill.
4 reviews
deborah elliott
February 9, 2021
The episode called Spiritual Warrior is excellent. James Arthur Ray served 2 years in prison for criminal negligence, and now he is out of prison and is trying to revive his career. This program is a good warning to people about cult leaders who are still trying to swindle people.
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Vanessa Borges
May 1, 2022
Interesting fact : in the 1960s ,the late Matthew Beard Jr. Aka Stymie Beard (1925-1981) was once admitted to Synanon due to his then drug habit : heroin and he was successfully treated somehow
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