Sports Night
Season 2

Season 2

1. Special Powers

Oct 5, 1999
Now that Dana is single, Dan pushes Casey to make his move.

2. When Something Wicked This Way Comes

Oct 12, 1999
Dana decides Casey should date other women.

3. Cliff Gardner

Oct 19, 1999
Sam intervenes when the network heads threaten to fire Isaac.

4. Louise Revisited

Oct 26, 1999
Jeremy learns that Natalie is corresponding with his sister.

5. Kafelnikov

Nov 2, 1999
A Y2K test plunges the studio into darkness.

6. Shane

Dec 7, 1999
Casey tries to protect a friend who slams Manhattan in an interview.

7. Kyle Whittaker'S Got Two Sacks

Dec 14, 1999
A story breaks about professional football players using steroids.

8. The Reunion

Jan 17, 2000
With Christmas approaching, the crew tries to get into the holiday spirit.

9. A Girl Named Pixley

Dec 28, 1999
Dana worries that Casey is out on one of the dates she demanded he take.

10. The Giants Win The Pennant, The Giants Win The Pennant

Jan 11, 2000
Casey goes out with Pixley again much to Dana's dismay.

11. The Cut Man Cometh

Dec 20, 1999
The team broadcasts a boxing match live.

12. The Sweet Smell Of Air

Jan 25, 2000
The gang gets the opportunity to interview Michael Jordan.

13. Dana Get Your Gun

Feb 1, 2000
Sam tries to convince Dana that he is not flirting with her.

14. And The Crowd Goes Wild

Feb 8, 2000
Dana offers Sam (William H. Macy) a romantic send-off on his last day.

15. Celebrities

Feb 29, 2000
Jeremy meets an adult-film actress at a bar.

16. The Local Weather

Mar 7, 2000
Jeremy concludes that he genuinely likes Jenny; Dana enters a church.

17. Draft Day:Part I It Can't Rain At Indian Wells

Mar 14, 2000
Dana and Casey bet on the outcome of NFL draft day.

18. Draft Day:Part II The Fall Of Ryan O'Brian

Mar 21, 2000
Jeremy struggles with shame when Jenny visits the office.

19. April Is The Cruelest Month

Mar 28, 2000
Budget cuts crimp Isaac and Dana's Olympic coverage.

20. Bells And A Siren

Apr 4, 2000
Natalie agrees to a job interview at "Saturday Night Live.''

21. La Forza Del Destino

May 9, 2000
Dana meets a mysterious stranger.

22. Quo Vadimus

May 16, 2000
Fears increase as bidders drop out of the auction for Continental Corp.


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