Dark Matters: Twisted But True
Season 3

Season 3

1. Agent Orange, Ben Franklin: Fraud Slayer?, Price of Beauty

Nov 22, 2012
A chemical that speeds up the flowering process in soybeans turns into a weapon during Vietnam. Be Franklin investigates Fraz Mesmer's cure for animal magnetism, which turns out to be hypnotism. Dr Albert Geyser invents a deadly new beauty treatment.

2. Unabomber, Get the Lead Out, Salvation by Starvation

Nov 28, 2012
In an experiment, students are mocked for their beliefs as researchers profile their personalities. One goes on to become the unabomber. Leaded gasoline poisons more peole than anything else. Russian scientists protect their work from Nazis at all costs.

3. Remote Control Man, Cadavers for Sale, Einstein's Revenge

Dec 5, 2012
Jose Delgado begins to discover how to electronically control the mind. A doctor at Edinburgh University doesn't ask any questions when two men begin supplying him with fresh human cadavers. Scientist Phillip Lenard leads a vendetta against Einstein.

4. Pavlov's Children, Raining Aliens, Glow Girls

Dec 12, 2012
A Pavlov student repeats this experiment on orphans to prove that they are nothing more than animals. In 2001 red rain falls in India; it seems to be filled with biological cells. A glow in the dark paint used during WWI contains a deadly ingredient.

5. Theremin, The Monster Study, 'Roid Rage

Dec 19, 2012
A musical genius is forced to create the most brilliant piece of spy technology ever. Wendell Johnson turns his own stutter into a research topic, but it takes a twist in when he experiments on orphans. Dr John Ziegler introduces steroids to athletes.

6. Magical Jet Propulsion, Missing Link Mystery, Typhoid Mary

Dec 26, 2012
One man combined the occult and rockets to produce the technology that underpinned Mutually Assured Destruction. A skull found in 1912 seems to solve Darwin's puzzle of where we came from. Mary Mallon infects hundreds with typhoid despite being healthy.


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