Stuff You Should Know
Season 1

Season 1

1. Brains Gone Wild

Jan 19, 2013
At HowStuffWorks, boss Steve invites a man with alien hand syndrome to meet for an interview. During the podcast the guys cover brain anomalies and disorders.

2. CSI Effect

Jan 19, 2013
At HowStuffWorks Josh and Chuck go on a police ride-along, but discover that it's not like on TV and nearly end up in the slammer. The guys podcast about crime scene investigation.

3. Minding the Hive

Jan 26, 2013
At HowStuffWorks, construction in the office stirs a bee hive. Chuck stands his ground despite being allergic, and Steve adopts a bee colony managerial style. During the podcast the guys cover hive intelligence, bee aggression myths and colony collapse.

4. Make It Rain

Feb 9, 2013
At HowStuffWorks the star pitcher of their softball team gets injured, so Josh & Chuck attempt cloud seeding to rain out their next game. During the podcast the guys cover weather modification, from the space sun shade to using hurricanes as weapons.

5. Bacteriopolis

Feb 9, 2013
At HowStuffWorks, concern over a common office cold turns to hysteria after news gets leaked about a local case of flesh eating bacteria. During the podcast, the guys cover humanity's battle against bacteria and germ control.

6. Matter of Time

Feb 23, 2013
At HowStuffWorks, Josh and Chuck use a company-wide time capsule initiative to settle an old bet on time travel, getting physicist Michio Kaku tangled in the scheme During the podcast the guys cover time paradoxes and causal loops.

7. Trust No One

Feb 23, 2013
At HowStuffWorks, Josh and Chuck's topics are being covertly stolen. Though all the intel points to a rival podcast, a fog of cold war era suspicion invades the HSW office. During the podcast the guys cover spy recruitment, gadgetry and misinformation.

8. Night Terrors

Mar 9, 2013
At HowStuffWorks Kent's persistent sleepwalking puts an embarrassing smudge on Steve's HSW growth plans, so Josh & Chuck do an amateur sleep study to find a cure. During the podcast the guys cover sleepwalking behaviors, sleep hacks and sleep deprivation.

9. Personal Space

Mar 9, 2013
At HowStuffWorks Josh & Chuck get a chance to visit an elite space design lab. Things turn bad when Chuck's rival John Hodgman arrives, and Josh's desire to meet Elon Musk cuts the visit short. During the podcast the guys cover the privatization of space.

10. I, Coffeebot

Mar 9, 2013
At HowStuffWorks, it's new boss Steve's first day. She wastes no time changing everything, including swapping the coffee machine for a new robotic one with a spying eye. The guys podcast about Artificial Intelligence and technology emulating the brain.

11. Pilot

Mar 9, 2013
A shared love of random knowledge finds average-joes Josh and Chuck success as podcasters. As they explore Body Dysmorphic Disorder and real Zombies, boss-lady Steve's appetite for promotion ignites self-image issues and threatens their street cred.


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