Who Wants To Be A Superhero?
Season 2

Season 2

1. Episode 1

Jul 26, 2007
After thousands audition, the ten chosen Superheroes arrive at Stan Lee's secret lair to compete for comic book immortality. When a mysterious dark figure kidnaps Stan Lee, the heroes must prove themselves in an epic mission to save their leader. Then later, a secret test leads the Superheroes to their first shocking elimination.

2. Episode 2

Aug 2, 2007
Tensions flare amongst the Superheroes. Then their heroism is tested when they come face to face with their first super-villain, Bee Sting and thousands of her buzzing friends. In a surprising twist, this mission comes to a messy end and the Superheroes' costumes are ruined. Thankfully Stan comes to the rescue, giving them new and improved super suits allowing all but one to move one step closer to immortality.

3. Episode 3

Aug 9, 2007
When Stan divides the Superheroes into duos to face the notorious Dr. Dark, the competitors attempt to prove that they are better superheroes than sidekicks. Their quest for Dr. Dark requires them to survive the scariest roller coaster imaginable while keeping their wits about them. But later the heroes turn on each other when a note is discovered at the Lair that implies that one of them is a mole. The action culminates in the most shocking elimination ever.

4. Episode 4

Aug 16, 2007
The Superheroes go "undercover" as civilians to accomplish a mission. The competition intensifies when Stan gives them their first taste of immortality revealing their own potential comic book covers.

5. Episode 5

Aug 23, 2007
The competition intensifies when, during their most intense challenge yet, the Superheroes must show courage in the "Tunnel of Fears." Later, after a celebration on the town, the group discovers why their nemesis stole their secret identities: He has dug up embarrassing facts about each one of them and reveals these secrets to Stan and the others.

6. Episode 6

Aug 30, 2007
The remaining Superheroes match wits with a classroom of 4th graders in order to crack a secret code. Later, when the group gets into trouble, an old friend comes to the rescue.

7. Episode 7

Sep 6, 2007
Nearing the end of the competition, the desire to be the final hero standing increases for the Superheroes. Their assignment is the most challenging yet -- the superheroes must get through a pack of fierce attack dogs to finish their mission. Later, the heroes' journey to immortality continues as Stan shows them prototypes for their very own action figures. The Superheroes are on top of the world, but they are quickly brought back into reality when a stranger sneaks into the lair to deliver a surprise announcement.

8. Episode 8

Sep 13, 2007
The long-awaited surprising and emotional "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" finale! ECW star "Balls" Mahoney guest stars as the heroes learn to jump, fly and fight like real superheroes. All questions will be answered: What happens when Dr. Dark shows up unexpectedly? Who is Dr. Dark? And who is Stan's next great superhero?


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