The Goode Family
Season 1

Season 1

1. Pilot

May 27, 2009
Fearing that she is not close enough to Bliss, Helen smothers her teenage daughter with frank discussion about safe sex.

2. Pleatherheads

Jun 3, 2009
Hoping to find his special "talent," Ubuntu joins in the neighbors' football game. Helen gets caught up in the football spirit and scares Gerald and the other mothers with her intense "winning spirit."

3. Goodes Gone Wild

Jun 3, 2009
Helen thinks she's finally won her father Charlie's approval when he adopts a bizarre animal named Gutterball from her pet rescue.

4. Helen's Back

Jun 12, 2009
Days before the Organic Gardening Club is to review the Goode's garden, Helen hurts her back. Gerald hires an immigrant gardening crew to help.

5. A Tale of Two Lesbians

Jun 19, 2009
Helen and Gerald befriend two chic lesbians, Jenn and Suki, in order to get on the Greenville Art Council.

6. Freeganomics

Jun 26, 2009
The Goodes get the support of world-renowned freegan, Heinrich Mueller for their street festival to show the community ways to conserve.

7. Graffiti in Greenville

Jul 3, 2009
Bliss' high school requires 30 hours of community service for graduation, so while her friends escape to Costa Rica for "charity work," Bliss, who can't afford the trip, gets stuck cleaning graffiti at a local park.

8. A Goode Game of Chicken

Jul 10, 2009
Gerald's outraged when he discovers Cranky, a local BBQ restaurant owner, is selling "meatless chili with chicken" and soon takes a stand, protesting and trying to convince Cranky to remove the chicken.

9. After-School Special

Jul 17, 2009
Gerald and Helen decide to help at-risk kids by teaching them the "arts".

10. Public Disturbance

Jul 24, 2009
Gerald wants a PBR (Public Broadcast Radio) affiliate in Greenville so bad that he and Helen host a pledge drive and Gerald surprisingly raises all $100,000 needed, from an old woman named Ruth.

11. Trouble in Store

Jul 31, 2009
Helen invites the chancellor of GCC over for dinner so that Gerald can finally get credit for the ideas that Kent has been stealing.

12. Gerald's Way or the Highway

Aug 7, 2009
Gerald decides to motivate Bliss and Ubuntu to do something good by adopting a highway and cleaning it up.

13. A Goode Man Is Hard To Find

Aug 7, 2009
Gerald and Helen mistakenly think Mo and Trish want Gerald to donate his sperm for their child, but when they tell him he's not man enough to be a donor, he decides to "man up" and joins a drum circle class at the learning annex.


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