Backyard Oil Barons
Season 1

Season 1

1. Barons of the Backyard

Apr 23, 2013
Kentucky oil drillers hunt for black gold at a psychic Gospel Singer's ranch, and in their own backyard!

2. The Bird Man Cometh

Apr 23, 2013
Mountain Man John Rascal's only got one more shot to hit oil on his land, while high Roller Jimmy Reliford gambles that a rooster can find black gold.

3. Kentucky Fried Chicken

Apr 30, 2013
With a wildcat drill up for lease on Amish land, Rascal finds kinship in his bearded Amish buddy, but will an oil strike lead him astray? Jimmy and his right-hand man Mad Dog plan to drill a Kentucky Fried vision that could prove totally water-logged.

4. A Big Oil Man Witch

Apr 30, 2013
Father/son oilmen Dan and Ken Page employ a twin-toed warlock to hunt oil for a female squat thrust champion and her dentist husband, while Wildcat Coomer digs in to what could be a $20 million well.

5. Pump Jack'ed

May 7, 2013
Father/son oilmen Dan and Ken Page spar over how to strike oil, and Dan's gloating could cost them $60,000. Meanwhile, hard-drillin' Mad Dog looks to unclog a blockage that might be stopping up the oil... or bossman Jimmy's bow-wow-els!

6. Science Comes To Town

May 14, 2013
Coomer has some fun with an overeager "city slicker" client as they attempt to strike oil. Mad Dog and his roughneck crew team up with scientist Jereal Brown to put his oil-finding technology to the test - and to the tune of millions.

7. The Mayor, The Myth, and the Mad Dog

May 21, 2013
The small town of Willis Creek (population 8) has enlisted the Pages to help them strike oil, and hopefully entice some people to move back to town. But with Dan and Ken at odds over their drilling approach, and potential sabotage from a neighboring rival

8. Game of Possum

May 28, 2013
Coomer tests out his patented possum bait during a drill. Mad Dog must guard the drill rig by surviving the night in a haunted house that may hide Jesse James' lost gold.

9. Ms. Kentucky Oil

Jun 4, 2013
Adair County Oil Men court a new drilling client - the ravishing Miss Kentucky 2010, Mallory Ervin! Dan Page wrassles with a decidedly less appealing landowner - an irascible chainsaw-wielding hermit named Bear Man.

10. Milkshakin'

Jun 11, 2013
Two of Kentucky's biggest oil barons, Jimmy and Rascal, are going head-to-head in a winner-take-all drilling competition. On the line are two properties and a whole 'lotta black gold!

101. Backyard Oil Sneak Peek

Apr 15, 2013
Hit the right spot and make instant millions! BACKYARD OIL follows the search for black gold in Kentucky. It's a high stakes roller coaster ride where some will go big, and some will go broke!


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