Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs.
Season 1

Season 1

1. The Family Hustle

Jan 13, 2013
Pete Rose and his new fiancé Kiana Kim are throwing an engagement party in hopes of bringing their two families together. When the party starts, neither side has shown up. Will the party be a success or dead on arrival?

2. There's No Crying in Baseball

Jan 13, 2013
Pete's fathering skills are put to the test when he has to help Ashton through a difficult day at little league baseball camp and chaperone Cassie's back-to-school party where to Kiana's dismay - her daughter is the center of all the boy's attention!

3. For Pete's Sake

Jan 21, 2013
When Pete brings Kiana and the kids along on his annual trip to Cooperstown to sign autographs, he gets a long overdo wake-up call. Kiana visits the Hall Of Fame and urges Pete to tell the kids the real story of his banishment and fight for reinstatement.

4. Creature of Habit

Jan 21, 2013
For the last 5 years, Pete and Kiana have managed to make their long distance relationship work. But now that marriage is in the cards, Kiana feels it's time to consider living together as a family, however Pete is reluctant to give up his bachelor ways.

5. Mr. Mom

Jan 28, 2013
Kiana gives a fond farewell to "the twins" by getting a breast reduction, while Pete pinch-hits playing Mr. Mom to Cassie and Ashton.

6. Hit Or Get Off The Pot

Jan 29, 2013
After months of stalling, Kiana is fed up and puts serious pressure on Pete to either commit or lose her. Pete gets some news about the next step in his bid for reinstatement. Can Pete get his love life and career together and have it all?


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