Pinky Dinky Doo
Season 1

Season 1

1. Where Are My Shoes? / Pinky Dinky Doo and the Outer Space Fluffy Buns

Apr 5, 2005
Pinky goes to school with salami on her feet when she can't find her shoes. / Pinky puts so much baking powder in her fluffy buns that her apartment rises up and drifts into outer space!

2. Tyler's Great Big Solo! /Polka Dot Pox

Apr 6, 2005
Tyler fills in at the opera when a famous tenor loses his voice. / Pinky misses show-and-tell day at school when she comes down with a case of the Polka Dot Pox.

3. Pinky and the Grumpy Alligator/the Horn and Antler Club

Apr 7, 2005
Pinky helps a grumpy alligator find a new home. / Pinky attends a birthday party at a fussy club where no laughing is aloud!

4. Tyler Dinky Doo and the Pirate Crew/Pinky Dinky Doo and the Missing Dinosaurs

Apr 8, 2005
Pinky and Tyler are picked up by a pirate ship and are surprised to learn that even pirates have to clean up after themselves. / Pinky investigates some strange sounds at the museum and discovers a dinosaur rock band.

5. Pinky Dinky Doo and the Pizza Artist/Pinky Dinky Doo and the Party Animals

Apr 9, 2005
Pinky helps Monsieur Guinea Pig paint a portrait of a friendly pizza vendor. / Pinky wakes in the middle of the night to find a stuffed animal party going on in her living room.

6. Tyler's Tall O'Meter/Pinky Dinky Doo and the Cloud People

Apr 10, 2005
Pinky runs into some problems when she uses her Tall O' Meter to make herself grow super big! / Pinky helps a brother and sister cloud settle an argument over who will carry rain to Great Big City.

7. Tyler Dinky Doo's Big Boo! /Pinky and the New Teacher

Apr 11, 2005
Tyler wants to be very scary when he goes trick-or-treating, but everybody just thinks he's super cute. / Pinky and her class are in for a few surprises when their substitute teacher turns out to be a space alien.

8. Tyler to the Rescue! /Shrinky Pinky

Apr 20, 2005
When Pinky is captured by a giant ape, it's Tyler's turn to rescue her. / Pinky shrinks herself super small in order to avoid a new girl at school.

9. Tyler's Too Cool Game/Come Home, Little Guinea Pig

Apr 21, 2005
Tyler misses all the fun when he refuses to stop playing his video game. / When Pinky forgets about cage cleaning day, Mr. Guinea Pig runs away from home.

10. Pinky and the Super Spaghetti Knot/Back to School is Cool

Apr 22, 2005
Pinky and Mr. Guinea Pig are the best tightrope walkers at Great Big Circus that is, until their tightrope disappears. / A bad hair day threatens to ruin Pinky's class picture!

11. Tyler Dinky Doo's Sporting News/ Dragon Needs a Sippy Cup

Apr 23, 2005
Pinky doesn't want to be part of the soccer team but still finds a way to fit in. / Pinky invents something to help a dragon stop spilling his drinks.

12. Tyler Dinky Doo and the Legend of Twigfoot/ Pinky and the Big Rainy Day

Apr 24, 2005
When Tyler refuses to take a bath, he becomes so dirty that he looks more like a monster than a little boy. / Pinky must save Great Big City from total mayhem when it literally rains cats and dogs.