The Tudors
Season 3

Season 3

301. Episode 1

Apr 5, 2009
Henry VIII weds, for a third time, to shy and demure Jane Seymour, praying that he will soon produce a male heir. Once-loyal subjects rebel against Henry's anti-Catholic crusade.

302. Episode 2

Apr 12, 2009
The rebellion now known as the Pilgrimage of Grace begins in earnest, with Henry dispatching Brandon to deal with the uprising. Bedridden due to the recurrence of his jousting injury, Henry takes a new mistress.

303. Episode 3

Apr 19, 2009
Henry reconciles with his estranged daughters Mary and Elizabeth in time for the Christmas holiday, but betrays and brutally suppresses the rebellion against him.

304. Episode 4

Apr 26, 2009
The leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace uprising are put to death, but Brandon is disturbed by the cruelty of the suppression. Henry celebrates the birth of a son but his joy is short-lived.

305. Episode 5

May 3, 2009
Henry remains in seclusion while mourning the queen's death. Cromwell is disturbed when Henry doesn't resist his new church's similarities to Catholicism.

306. Episode 6

May 10, 2009
Matchmaking begins in earnest as Cromwell schemes to secure the Reformation by marrying Henry to a Protestant wife - but the king's marital reputation precedes him.

307. Episode 7

May 17, 2009
Henry agrees to a politically fortuitous marriage in order to avoid war with France and Spain.

308. Episode 8

May 24, 2009
Henry moves swiftly to annul his loveless marriage to Anne of Cleves, and beds a new, teenage mistress. Cromwell's fall from favor is sudden and dramatic.


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