The Tudors
Season 2

Season 2

201. Episode 1

Mar 30, 2008
The Reformation begins as Henry declares himself head of the Church of England. Katherine is banished from court, and Henry blackmails a cook into assassinating a high-ranking Catholic bishop.

202. Episode 2

Apr 6, 2008
Henry continues undermining the Catholic Church's influence in England, while Anne resolves to consummate her relationship with the king, even as Charles Brandon begins planting doubts about her virtue.

203. Episode 3

Apr 13, 2008
Henry secretly marries Anne Boleyn and appoints his Lutheran chaplain head of the Church. But the newlyweds are disappointed when their first child is a girl, whom they name Elizabeth.

204. Episode 4

Apr 20, 2008
Henry asks the entire country to swear an oath, and jails Sir Thomas More for refusing to take it. Anne becomes pregnant again and schemes to control Henry's mistresses.

205. Episode 5

Apr 27, 2008
Anne's miscarriage and her sister's impetuous marriage threaten the Boleyn family's power at court, while a reluctant Henry orders the execution of his old friend, advisor and mentor Sir Thomas More.

206. Episode 6

May 4, 2008
The power of Thomas Cromwell widens as he investigates Catholic corruption. The Pope denounces Sir Thomas More's execution, and the King of France refuses to recognize Elizabeth's legitimacy.

207. Episode 7

May 11, 2008
Cromwell confiscates Catholic property, enriching Henry. Katherine dies in pious poverty and obscurity, leaving Anne, newly pregnant, a firmer grip on power, even as a new lady in waiting catches Henry's eye.

208. Episode 8

May 18, 2008
After another miscarriage, Anne is quickly replaced by Jane Seymour in the king's affections. Henry attempts to renew his alliance with the King of Spain, who makes an intriguing proposal.

209. Episode 9

May 25, 2008
Anne Boleyn's fall is swift, as Henry accepts charges of adultery against her, sentencing her and her alleged lovers to death.

210. Episode 10

Jun 1, 2008
Henry proposes marriage to Jane Seymour and removes baby Elizabeth from the line of succession, even as Anne awaits her execution in the Tower of London.


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