The Tudors
Season 1

Season 1

101. Episode 1

Apr 1, 2007
In the series premiere, Henry prepares for war with France but receives cautious counsel from the powerful Cardinal Wolsey, who urges a treaty. The king learns that his queen's lady-in-waiting, Elizabeth Blount, is pregnant with his child.

102. Episode 2

Apr 8, 2007
Henry contemplates an alliance with Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, King of Spain, despite his Field of Cloth of Gold ceremony celebrating allegiance to France. Elizabeth Blount gives birth to the king's illegitimate son.

103. Episode 3

Apr 15, 2007
A visit from Charles V forces Henry to conceal his growing disaffection from Queen Katherine, who is the influential Spanish monarch's aunt. Henry comes face-to-face with the seductive Anne Boleyn for the first time.

104. Episode 4

Apr 22, 2007
Despite being named Defender of the Faith by the Pope, Henry begins to scheme to replace his queen with the more desirable Anne Boleyn. Court intrigues involving Princess Margaret and plots against Cardinal Wolsey intensify.

105. Episode 5

Apr 29, 2007
Henry is stunned by a reversal in his alliance with Charles V and forced to look elsewhere for European support, while an insulted Anne Boleyn refuses his offer of permanent mistress status, inflaming his desire to marry her.

106. Episode 6

May 6, 2007
An increasingly confident Henry grows dissatisfied with the Catholic Church's progress with his petition for an annulment of his marriage, making Cardinal Wolsey further vulnerable to conspirators.

107. Episode 7

May 13, 2007
England is struck down with food shortages and a plague outbreak, forcing the normally buoyant Henry to doubt his future and abilities - but a sudden change in fortunes is on the horizon.

108. Episode 8

May 20, 2007
A special envoy from the Pope arrives to hear Henry's petition regarding the legitimacy of his marriage. The fate of Cardinal Wolsey's career, the king's romance with Anne Boleyn, and the nation's relationship with Rome hang in the balance.

109. Episode 9

Jun 3, 2007
The fall from grace and power of Cardinal Wolsey is fast and merciless, with the one-time Lord Chancellor stripped of authority and influence. His replacement is an unusual choice: the morally righteous Sir Thomas More.

110. Episode 10

Jun 10, 2007
In the season finale, a disgraced Cardinal Wolsey tries one last, desperate gambit to resurrect his career by allying himself with the similarly fallen Queen Katherine, but the king's new advisors learn of their plot.


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