Commander in Chief
Season 1

Season 1

1. Pilot

Sep 27, 2005
The sitting President asks VP Mackenzie Allen for her resignation.

2. First Choice

Oct 4, 2005
The first daughter's diary, containing many national secrets, goes missing.

3. First Strike

Oct 11, 2005
The death of DEA agents forces negotiations with a corrupt Latin leader.

4. First Dance

Oct 18, 2005
President Allen hosts a summit with the Russian President.

5. First Do No Harm

Oct 25, 2005
A terrorist smuggles explosives across the Canadian border

6. First Disaster

Nov 1, 2005
Mackenzie and Templeton deal with hurricane damage in Florida.

7. First Scandal

Nov 8, 2005
A tell-all book about the President is published.

8. Rubie Dubidoux and the Brown Bound Express

Nov 15, 2005
President Allen announces a new direction for her administration.

9. The Mom Who Came To Dinner

Nov 29, 2005
President Allen battles tough national decisions at Thanksgiving.

10. Sub Enchanted Evening

Jan 10, 2006
A sub disaster forces a joint rescue mission with China and North Korea.

11. No Nukes Is Good Nukes

Jan 17, 2006
A leak from China to the North Korean government threatens war.

12. The Wind Beneath My Wing

Jan 24, 2006
Air Force one is taken over with the President and Vice President aboard.

13. State of the Unions

Apr 13, 2006
President Allen prepares to deliver her first State of the Union address.

14. The Price You Pay

Apr 20, 2006
A cargo plane containing military weapons crashes over Pakistan.

15. Ties That Bind

Apr 27, 2006
The Attorney General looks into an urban situation in Maryland.

16. The Elephant In The Room

May 31, 2006
A transfer of command is made after the President suffers a burst appendix.

17. Happy Birthday, Madam President

Jun 7, 2006
American hostages are held in Turkey by Kurds.

18. Unfinished Business

Jun 14, 2006
Allen looks to amend the Constitution with the Equal Rights Amendment.


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