Storm Chasers

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Season 5 episodes (8)

1 Dixie Alley Outbreak
All three chase teams are on the front lines in Mississippi and Alabama, spotting storms, reporting tornadoes and attempting to get warnings out during the worst tornado outbreak in over half a century.
2 Storms Over St. Louis
On the first chase of the year, there's a storm headed toward downtown St. Louis. While Tim Samaras and his team chase too close to the beast, Reed Timmer's team is on the verge of falling apart.
3 Reed's Redemption
A dangerous nighttime chase has Reed Timmer's team on a collision course with a tornado they can't see, and Tim Samaras battles mechanical issues. Sean Casey hopes to finally shoot the first ever 3D tornado footage.
4 Aftermath
After a tragic tornado outbreak in Alabama and Mississippi, the teams help with the recovery effort. Back on the chase, Tim Samaras uses new radar, and Reed Timmer's team chases a storm toward one member's childhood home.
5 No Rest for the Weary
Reed Timmer and his team take the day off, but when Sean Casey's team scores a victory in Reed's own backyard, the meteorologist vows to chase with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Tim Samaras grows more cautious chasing storms in Kansas.
6 Too Close to Home
A tornado outbreak threatens to wreak havoc in Reed Timmer's backyard. Sean Casey's team follows their navigator's bold prediction, and tension threatens to derail Tim Samaras' chase on a huge day.
7 The Storm Within
Reed Timmer's team risks everything to warn people in the path of a violent storm, and Sean Casey is trying his team's patience. Unwilling to risk damage to his equipment, Tim Samaras makes a series of questionable decisions.
8 All or Nothing
On the last chase of the season, Reed Timmer's team chases a monster tornado for a radar intercept, and Tim Samaras' team has one last chance to deploy their probe in its path.

About this show

The great plains, 700,000 square miles of flatland - also known as Tornado Alley. Every spring, changing weather patterns create a recipe for catastrophe. And every spring, a collection of scientists and enthusiasts brace for a season of storm chasing.
8 reviews
James Cox
July 27, 2020
Interesting but flakey. After 2-3 encounters its tired and predictable.
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Justin Pergler
June 21, 2021
Loved it. Depicts real life challenges and dangers of a storm chaser
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Jonathan Trevino
June 26, 2020
Great show, very informative of the worst Tornado Season of 2011.
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