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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
The sudden death of her husband leaves Simone no choice but to flee her upper-class life in London and return with her two teenage children to her childhood home in Australia.
2 Episode 2
While Sammy and her kids face the culture shock of life in Newcastle, Sammy's brother and his lover conspire against her.
3 Episode 3
Sammy tries to expose her boss, her kids try to survive a school full of bullies and mean girls, and Sammy's mother Jean starts a flirtation that she may not be ready for.
4 Episode 4
Sammy's boss takes her along to his business meetings in Sydney, but when he bails her out after an incident at a casino, the bail out comes with a price.
5 Episode 5
Sammy is faced with a shocking realisation about her late husband, while the school dance fans old flames and young tempers.
6 Episode 6
Sammy plans her escape back to London, but her kids may have got the whole family into a situation far more complicated than any of them had imagined.

About this show

Set in 1989, Frayed follows the journey of Sammy Cooper (Sarah Kendall), a fabulously wealthy London housewife who is forced to return to her hometown in Newcastle, Australia. In coming home, Sammy must revisit her past and the events that led her to flee as a teenager years ago.
18 reviews
Peter Deane
November 8, 2019
As someone who lived in Necastle during the time this show was made I can only say it captures the people and attitudes of Novocastrians perfectly. Kendall isn't afraid to use abuse and obscenities for dramatic and comic effect, using words real Novocastrians would have been using then - and to this day. The characters are real and you get to know them. The situation of a woman down on her luck and trying to do the best she can - even if her methods aren't always entirely legal - is one we can all relate to and sympathise with. We need to see a second series of this for sure. It would be so choice!!
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Ode Gold
November 24, 2019
Yet anothet classic australian feast for both mind, soul and eyes. If you gravitate towards australian humour at its driest, visual feasts of the east coast and dysfunctional family scenarios, than this is for you. If you have seen F#!%#n Adelaide or Cloud Street and enjoyed, than do not let this one slip through to the keeper.
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Shona Cornwall
October 24, 2019
The most amazing show I have seen in a long time! So many nuances, so many extra little things put in that resonate so well with 1989! Fabulous cast, fabulous writing, well done everyone!!
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