The Bachelorette
Season 9

Season 9

1. The Bachelor's Funniest Moments

May 21, 2013
This one-hour special edition of The Bachelor features a collection of some of the most hilarious moments taken from the last 25 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Plus, get a sneak peek at the upcoming new season of The Bachelorette with Desiree Hartsock.

2. 901

May 27, 2013
In the season premiere, the newest Bachelorette, 27-year-old Desiree — whom viewers will remember as the bridal stylist and girl next door who competed for Sean Lowe's affections last season on The Bachelor — meets 25 eager suitors, including a suave and debonair financial advisor with a dark secret in his past, a hard-charging federal prosecutor, a sexy former professional soccer player and single dad, a free-spirited drilling fluid engineer with a captivating sense of humor, a self-proclaimed Southern gentleman — also a single father — and a Cuban Casanova who is a gentle giant and might be too good to be true. Is Desiree's soul mate among them? Tensions are high as the season's first rose ceremony begins, but, by the end, Desiree will continue on her search for love with 19 men who hope to win her heart.

3. 902

Jun 3, 2013
A bridal shop provides the unlikely backdrop for Desiree's first one-on-one date with the tall, dark and handsome Brooks; rap superstar SOULJA BOY carefully crafts an aptly named rap music video — "Right Reasons" — using Desiree and a group of slick bachelors; and Bryden is treated to a scenic, romantic road trip up the beautiful California coast. But some of the men are already fighting for Desiree's love and nearly come to blows. After careful deliberation, three men are sent packing as the Bachelorette attempts to make her fairytale come true.

4. 903

Jun 10, 2013
In one of the most explosive showdowns in Bachelorette history, Desiree confronts one man who is not there for the "right reasons." Plus, a one-on-one date goes from bad to worse.

5. Episode 904

Jun 17, 2013
In iconic Atlantic City, there is a hot competition between the men and a touching surprise for a married couple dramatically affected by Superstorm Sandy. DARIUS RUCKER performs.

6. 905

Jun 24, 2013
Desiree has never traveled to Europe before, and the 11 remaining men hope to make this first leg of the international tour to find love a special one. The tour starts in Munich, where Chris gets to explore this culturally rich city with Desiree, but their romantic date comes to a crashing halt when another man interrupts them with shocking news. The Bachelorette takes seven guys to the German Alps, where not only do they enjoy their majestic beauty, but yodel, sled and frolic like kids in the snow. The competition between James and front-runner Brooks turns ugly, while other bachelors make their play for Desiree. The awkward, dreaded two-on-one date has arch-enemies Michael and Ben facing off. Whose strategy works and which man stays? But two men are overheard scheming about what they will do after this journey, and the other guys are anxious to make Desiree see one of them for who he really is.

7. 906

Jul 1, 2013
Desiree and the eight remaining men fly to the cultural and romantic hotspot of Barcelona. Drew and Kasey, however, share the burden of a terrible secret concerning James, who they feel is not there for the "right reasons." The guys are intent on making sure that Desiree learns the devastating truth about this man, but when will it be the right time to tell her? Meanwhile, Drew has his own romantic and emotional one-on-one date with the Bachelorette. The group date features a face-off between six pumped up bachelors and an all-female professional soccer team. But buckle up — the after party features one the most visceral, ferocious fights in Bachelorette history. And when Desiree finally confronts James, she drops a bombshell. Zak helps to take Desiree's mind off the drama with a revealing one-one-one date that ups the romance. But the tension is unbearable as the rose ceremony nears and no man feels safe. Who will survive to travel to the exotic island of Madeira?

8. 907

Jul 8, 2013
The drama of Munich and Barcelona is behind Desiree, but she still must determine which four men will have the chance to take her home to meet their families. Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago off the coast of Africa, is the perfect location for Desiree to meet up with three of her friends from last season of The Bachelor Catherine, Lesley and Jackie for some girl time to refocus on the crucial task at hand. Brooks and Desiree enjoy a one-on-one date, but a serious conversation gives her some indication of where their relationship is headed. Desiree takes Chris to a deserted island for an idyllic day, but he is very nervous about whether to reveal his real feelings for her. Michael gets his first one-on-one date with the Bachelorette, exploring the city of Funchal. Zak and Drew's two-on-one date, where the one who gets the rose is assured a hometown date, turns into a real contest between both men. But Desiree makes a confession to Chris Harrison that will turn everything upside down.

9. 908

Jul 15, 2013
Desiree's emotionally charged whirlwind world tour to find love comes back to the U.S. as she travels across the country to visit Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak in their hometowns and meet their families. Her spirit and resilience has surprised the men, but she is about to be severely tested by their loved ones as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time. Are all of these bachelors ready to be married? Desiree will try and find out from the people who know them best. Desiree starts her visits in Dallas, the hometown of fun-loving, free-spirited Zak, whose zest for life is contagious. The spontaneous bachelor surprises her with an unexpected adventure: They drive a family-owned snow-cone truck to an elementary school, where a group of children, hungry for a frosty treat, crowd them. Desiree admires Zak's easy charm as he entertains the kids dressed in a furry Penguin suit.

10. Men Tell All

Jul 22, 2013
It's an exciting, unpredictable reunion viewers won't want to miss, as the most memorable bachelors from this season - including James, Ben, Michael G., Mikey T., Zak W., Juan Pablo and Jonathan - return to confront each other and Desiree one last time on national television to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. The last eliminated bachelor, Zak, seeks closure about what went wrong with his relationship with Desiree. Sparks will fly as the villainous James and Ben try to explain their actions. Plus, the "Bachelor Bus" makes some surprise stops to crash fan viewing parties in Los Angeles and New York, and three favorite Bachelorettes advise Desiree on dealing with the men who were there for the "wrong reasons."

11. 909

Jul 29, 2013
Romantic adventures await Desiree and the final three men — Brooks, Chris and Drew — as they travel to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. There is electricity and passion in the air during these sand and surf excursions, as Desiree continues to explore what her future would be like with these potential partners. She will spend special intimate time with each of final guys, and there are possible invitations to spend the night in a "fantasy suite." But an unexpected jolt will change Desiree's whole journey — will her Cinderella fairytale have a happy ending, or is she headed for heartbreak?

12. Finale

Aug 5, 2013
The second part of the season finale picks continues Desiree's saga. After surviving shocking twists and turns, she narrowed down 25 bachelors to three fabulous guys: Brooks, Chris and Drew. While she was ready to give her heart completely to Brooks, he did not share her feelings. Desiree was expecting fireworks when she met Brooks in Antigua, but when he broke up with her very unexpectedly, she was left crying at the edge of a dock, devastated, heartbroken, hopeless and ready to go home. In this week's emotional conclusion, Desiree must decide if she can move forward with the other two men or if her hope of finding love has been ruined.

13. After the Final Rose

Aug 5, 2013
Filmed live, emotions run high as Desiree sits down with Chris Harrison to talk about her three final bachelors from this season — Brooks, Chris and Drew. She will take viewers back to those final days in Antigua when Brooks, the man she fell in love with, decided to go home. She will discuss her feelings in those finals days, her relationships with the final three men and the heart-wrenching decisions that she had to make that changed their lives forever. Brooks, Chris and Drew will join Desiree to discuss the shocking outcome of the season. It's the poignant live ending to Desiree's heartfelt journey to find true love.


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