Fraggle Rock
Season 4

Season 4

1. Sidebottom Blues

Jan 20, 1986
Boober worries that he bores his friends, leading to the return of his alter ego, Sidebottom. Doc, meanwhile, pretends to be an old sailor.

2. Uncle Matt's Discovery

Jan 27, 1986
Uncle Matt returns home from Outer Space, and disgraces himself in front of Gobo and his friends. But all that changes when he makes an incredible discovery.

3. Junior Faces The Music

Feb 3, 1986
It is the night of the blue moon and Junior Gorg is summoned by a mysterious figure to play the Royal Kazoo. If he succeeds, Junior will prove himself to be truly royal. But if he fails, he will be banished for a hundred years.

4. The Perfect Blue Rollie

Feb 10, 1986
Boober believes his life is complete when he is given a rare and legendary gift. But he soon finds out gifts are meant to be shared.

5. A Tune For Two

Feb 17, 1986
Wembley loves the annual Duetathon — a contest in which Fraggles sing duets. But the entire Rock is dumbfounded to learn who Wembley chooses as his singing partner.

6. A Brush With Jealousy

Feb 24, 1986
When a new artist shows up in Fraggle Rock, Mokey is determined to prove that she is better. She even goes as far as to acquire a magic paintbrush — one that brings danger to anyone who uses it.

7. Wembley's Flight

Mar 3, 1986
Wembley, feeling unhappy because he never gets to show off in front of his friends, meets a magical creature that gives him the power to fly. But his friends refuse to believe he has this magical gift and restrain him from flying. Other Fraggles believe him but want to exploit his gift. Wembley finally learns to fly for the right reasons.

8. Wonder Mountain

Mar 10, 1986
Mokey is planning a trip to Wonder Mountain — alone. Red thinks Mokey is too dreamy and ethereal to be able to take care of herself, so she secretly follows Mokey in order to protect her from trouble. But it's Red who needs protection.

9. Red In The Land Of The Blue Dragon

Feb 15, 2013
Red Fraggle tries to follow Uncle Travelling Matt into Outer Space and finds a world that's exactly like her imaginary one — complete with a fire-breathing blue dragon.

10. Space Frog Follies

Mar 24, 1986
Wembley tries to recapture a Space Frog that Travelling Matt brought from Outer Space as a birthday gift for Gobo.

11. Boober Gorg

Feb 15, 2013
After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober thinks he's a Gorg. When he tells Ma and Pa, they believe him because they think a sorcerer has changed Junior, who is missing, into a Fraggle. Ma and Pa do their best to accept Boober as their son and heir to the empire, while the Fraggles attempt to rescue their pal. However, Boober learns how to be a Gorg so well that he captures the Fraggles. But while trying to figure out what horrible, nasty thing to do, Boober's friends bring him back to reality. Right then, Junior, who had been asleep in the bell tower, wakes up.

12. Mirror, Mirror

Jan 5, 1987
When Mavis the magic mirror befriends Ma Gorg, Red tries to take her back to Fraggle Rock — but disaster results!

13. The Riddle Of Rhyming Rock

Jan 12, 1987
In setting out to solve the riddle of Rhyming Rock, Gobo learns from the Storyteller about a book of magic spells his Uncle Matt discovered. The book includes a spell for solving riddles. But he doesn't hear the whole story and when he uses the spell everything goes wrong and Gobo has to find a way to right the damage he has done.

14. The Voice Inside

Jan 19, 1987
Gobo doesn't believe he has an "inner voice" so he doesn't heed the warning that he, Sprocket and Wrench Doozer might be in danger.

15. The Trial Of Cotterpin

Jan 16, 1987
Cotterpin must convince the Doozer community that Fraggles are noble, intelligent creatures, worthy of their friendship — or she'll lose her job.

16. The River Of Life

Feb 2, 1987
Doc allows engineers to test a waste disposal technique, which pollutes the water supply in Fraggle Rock. The pollution causes sickness among the Gorgs and the Fraggles. After Boober intervenes, Doc calls off the experiment, convinced that something might be living in the caves under his property.

17. Beyond The Pond

Feb 9, 1987
After Red uses Boober's kohlrabi juice to poison the knobblies that grow in the Fraggle Pond, she starts behaving very strangely. She gets a strong "message" to follow the plants' roots so she dives into the pond. The roots lead her to Merggle Lake, home of the Merggles — creatures who are a lot like Fraggles except for one thing — they have flippers instead of legs!

18. Gone But Not Forgotten

Feb 16, 1987
Wembley befriends a rare mudbunny and gets an insight into life's greatest mystery.

19. Mokey Then And Now

Feb 23, 1987
When Mokey, Wembley and Boober re-enact an ancient ceremony in the Sacred Cave, they are mysteriously transported back to the past — to the time when Fraggles were bald.

20. Ring Around The Rock

Mar 2, 1987
Junior loses the Gorg wedding ring, thereby preventing his parents from renewing their vows. Gobo helps Junior search for the ring in Fraggle Rock.

21. Inspector Red

Mar 9, 1987
Red turns detective and tries to find the Fraggle who stole the Fragglehorn. She soon finds herself with plenty of suspects, but no conclusions.

22. The Honk Of Honks

Mar 16, 1987
Gobo goes into Outer Space and discovers that the Silly Creature cannot see him. He wants to discuss this with Cantus, but Cantus is too interested in the Song of Songs. He needs the Honk of Honks, because without it, the Song of Songs cannot start. Gobo is chosen for the job of finding and honking the Honk of Honks.

23. The Gorg Who Would Be King

Mar 23, 1987
According to Gorgic tradition, when the last leaf falls off the nirvana tree the old king must step down and let a new king take over. Junior doesn't want to be king, so when the nirvana tree is down to one leaf — he eats it! This results in his shrinking down to Fraggle size and to his learning about the universe he is supposed to rule.

24. Change Of Address

Mar 30, 1987
Having finally met, Gobo and Doc want to get to know each other. But this proves difficult because Doc and Sprocket are moving away.