Kimora: House of Fab
Season 1

Season 1

1. Pledge Allegiance to the Fab

Jan 23, 2013
In the series premiere, supermodel and fashion entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons has moved on to bigger and better things since her stint at Baby Phat. As the newly helmed president and creative director of JustFab, it's her job to take the exclusive online

2. Miss Labeled

Jan 30, 2013
This week, Kimora's entire JustFab office is focused on brand exposure. Kim sets up an interview and photo shoot for Kimora with "OK! Magazine"--and even though she's very particular with them about which questions they're allowed to ask the Queen Bee, they're not always one to listen. Meanwhile, Kim puts Sarah and Ashley in charge of styling young fashionistas Elle and Blair Fowler for a red carpet event. Plus, the public relations and marketing teams hold a company-wide competition to brainstorm the best idea for a viral video to really put JustFab on the map.

3. Crack Is Whack

Feb 6, 2013
Best known for being the diva of denim, Kimora wants to expand JustFab's denim line with colorful and stretchy fabrics! She assigns Lesley to oversee the project, but getting real women's input for their jeans is key--so Lesley works with Kim to create a pop-up shop at a mall where customers can try on the pants right on the spot and give their feedback. Meanwhile, Sandra and Alyson work together on the new fall print ad--but Alyson's risque vision starts to turn Sandra off. Plus, Johnny tries to reinvent himself when he learns a promotion might be within reach.

4. Multiple Shoegasms

Feb 13, 2013
Sandra and Alyson put their thinking caps on to create a new JustFab commercial that's as inventive as their last. However, comedy is quite subjective and JustFab's CEOs aren't necessarily on the same page as the creative department. Meanwhile, Lesley celebrates her birthday with all of her coworkers in the office, because she can't find time for herself outside of her job. In true Kimora fashion, Kimora sets her up with a tall and handsome guy who might just get Lesley's blood pumping outside of the office!

5. Gaudy by Nature

Feb 20, 2013
Johnny's nabbed the viral video in-house competition, but there's one problem--getting Kimora on board! Despite the CEO's insistence, she want's nothing to do with it. But a viral video without the brand's biggest celeb makes no sense! Meanwhile, Johnny's love life takes a nasty turn and his lack of concentration threatens the video shoot!

6. Getting the Boot

Feb 27, 2013
Lianca drops the ball before a very important meeting, putting her future at JustFab in jeopardy! When Sandra discovers the reason for Lianca's less-than-rock star performance, she puts her up to a more creative challenge--coming up with a fun quiz for the JustFab website that will impress the CEOs--and save her job! Meanwhile, Kimora wants the company to branch out into dresses, which puts Lesley up against the gun to get the new line out in time for spring!

7. Studs and Stilettos

Mar 6, 2013
The pressure is on as the JustFab team has two weeks to prepare for Kimora's commercial. But when Kimora doesn't see eye to eye with CEOs Don and Adam, things get rocky! Don and Adam want to showcase her sex appeal, while Kimora wants a more serious, business look--leaving Lianca to find a middle ground. Then, as if things weren't chaotic already, JustFab partners up with Avril Lavigne. To kick off the collaboration, they hold a live streaming concert--but when the team finds out the concert will be on the same day as the commercial shoot, scheduling gets tricky. Meanwhile, since Johnny didn't get the promotion he wanted, he contemplates leaving the company. Will he stay loyal, or will he jump ship?

8. Fashion Week Virgin

Mar 13, 2013
In the season finale, Kimora may not be a stranger to New York Fashion Week, but for the first time ever, JustFab shoes will make their debut on the runway at Lincoln Center! Plus, Kimora invites three of her major players along, including Lianca, who is a Fashion Week newbie. But although their New York trip will be tons of fun, the ladies are really only there for one reason--and that's to promote their shoes! To kick off their excitement, designer Charlotte Ronson has agreed to team up with JustFab for her runway show--but in order to pull it all off, Kimora's team has to conquer a few hurdles in the Big Apple.


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