The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Season 2

Season 2

1. Funny Business

Feb 23, 1985
When Weird Harold and Waldos sister, Mindy, get trapped in a cave, they learn the importance of having a sense of humor.

2. Three Strikes and You're In

Mar 2, 1985
When the guys get a challenge from the Junior League baseball champions, Fat Albert finds the perfect star pitcher‹but shes a girl!

3. What's The I.D.?

Mar 9, 1985
Rudy and his new friend, Hector, get into a sticky situation when they go to a nightclub using fake IDs.

4. Rules is Cool

Mar 16, 1985
When Fat Alberts friend Tommy throws a party at his parents house, the police make a surprise appearance.

5. The Birds, The Bees and Dumb Donald

Mar 23, 1985
Dumb Donald falls for Elaine, a cheerleader, but how will he compete with the star quarterback, Hammerhead Rex?

6. Double or Nothing

Mar 30, 1985
When Rudy catches the gambling bug, he learns an important lesson about winning big and losing big.

7. Hot Wheels

Apr 6, 1985
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids visit the Museum of Natural History to see a special exhibit on bicycles.

8. No Place Like Home

Apr 13, 1985
The Cosby kids find out that real friends dont care whether youre rich or poor_they like you for you.

9. Not So Loud

Apr 20, 1985
The Cosby kids enter the Sound City TV competition in hopes of winning airtime for their band!

10. The Jinx

Apr 27, 1985
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids leave the big city behind to visit Rudys uncles ranch.

11. You Don't Say

May 4, 1985
Everybody wants to be on the school pep squad_will Fat Albert and Weird Harold win a place?

12. Amiss the Amish

May 11, 1985
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids visit an Amish community with their friend Sharon and learn the values of Amish society.

13. Gang Wars

May 18, 1985
Fat Albert tries to save his friend Tito from falling in with his older brothers gang life.

14. Computer Camper

May 25, 1985
Fat Albert exposes his classmate, Greg, as a computer hacker while working on a History assignment with Russell.

15. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Jun 1, 1985
Weird Harolds new job serving ice cream at Mr. Coopers Ice Cream Shop leaves him in a sticky situation.

16. Superdudes

Jun 8, 1985
Dexter wants to be like his hero, Captain Cougar, so much, that he attempts a death-defying stunt.

17. Painting for the Town

Jun 15, 1985
Fat Albert and the Cosby kids come together to help their artist friend, Lenny, find a job.

18. Rudy and The Beast

Jun 22, 1985
When the Cosby kids meet a new girl whose father is a big time movie producer, Rudy thinks its his big break.

19. Wheeler

Jun 29, 1985
Fat Albert and the guys do their best to help the new kid, Chuy (AKA äWheeler), feel welcome at school.

20. Faking the Grade

Jul 6, 1985
If Dumb Donalds schoolwork doesnt improve soon, he may not be able to advance to the next grade!

21. Write On

Jul 13, 1985
Fat Albert gives his classmate, Richard, the encouragement he needs to write a blue ribbon poem for the school writing contest.

22. Cable Caper

Jul 20, 1985
When the Cosby kids find out that Mr. and Mrs. Gibson may lose their home, they hit the airwaves to tell their neighbors story.

23. Say Uncle

Jul 27, 1985
When Weird Harolds uncle Marcus moves in with his family, space gets tight‹especially in Weird Harolds room!

24. No News is Good News

Aug 3, 1985
The Cosby kids learn about the responsibilities of the press when Rudy submits a false story to the school newspaper.

25. Attitude of Gratitude

Aug 10, 1985
When Fat Albert takes a job at the local zoo, he has trouble juggling his many responsibilities_school, homework and work.


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