The Flintstones

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The Complete Second Season episodes (32)

1 The Hit Song Writers
Fred and Barney encounter unexpected problems when they plan to get rich as songwriters.
2 Droop Along Flintstone
On a visit to a ranch, "Indians," who are actors in a movie that is filming nearby, chase Fred and Barney.
3 The Missing Bus
After leaving his job at the quarry, Fred becomes the nervous driver of a school bus.
4 Alfred Brickrock Presents
Fred and Barney suspect the worst when a neighbor's wife disappears.
5 Fred Flintstone Woos Again
Fred and Wilma go on a second honeymoon.
6 The Rock Quarry Story
Fred tries to impress Wilma by bringing movie star Rock Quarry to dinner but Wilma doesn't recognize him.
7 The Soft Touchables
Part-time sleuths Fred and Barney are tricked by a charming female thief and inadvertently help her rob a bank.
8 Flintstone of Prinstone
Fred attends night classes and is drafted to be a quarterback on the school football team.
9 The Little White Lie
Fred has to explain poker winnings to Wilma, who thought he was visiting a sick friend.
10 Social Climbers
Fred and Barney are sent to charm school in preparation for an ambassador's reception.
11 The Beauty Contest
Beauty contest judges Fred and Barney are pressured to vote for candidates favored by Fred's boss and a racketeer.
12 The Masquerade Ball
Fred plans to exploit his knowledge of what costume his boss is wearing to a masquerade ball.
13 The Picnic
To win the annual Field Day events at his lodge outing, Fred discards his regular partner, Barney, in favor of a proven champ.
14 The House Guest
Trouble arises when Fred invites the Rubbles to spend a week at his home.
15 The X-Ray Story
An x-ray from Dino gets mixed up with that of Fred and so everyone thinks that Fred has a Dinopeptic germ.
16 The Gambler
Psychiatric treatment seems to have cured Fred's gambling fever until he is tempted into a wager.
17 A Star is Almost Born
When Wilma is "discovered" by a famous TV producer, Fred quits his job to manage her career.
18 The Entertainer
When Wilma returns from a trip to find Fred entertaining a female buyer as a favor to his boss, Wilma thinks that he is cheating on her.
19 Wilma's Vanishing Money
Fred thinks that he has found a stash of money and uses it to buy a bowling ball. But Wilma is mortified when she finds out because the hidden money was for Fred's birthday present.
20 Feudin' and Fussin'
After Fred thoughtlessly insults Barney, he stubbornly refuses to apologize, starting a feud between the two.
21 Impractical Joker
After enduring one too many of Fred's practical jokes, Barney plots revenge.
22 Operation Barney
The guys call out sick so that they can go to a baseball game.
23 The Happy Household
After quarreling over the household budget with Fred, Wilma applies for a job at the Bedrock Radio-Television Corp.
24 Fred Strikes Out
Fred finds himself in quite a "pickle" after he promises to take Wilma to the movies on the same evening that he is to play in a bowling league playoff.
25 This is Your Lifesaver
Fred rescues a wily stranger and discovers he is endlessly responsible for the life he saved.
26 Trouble-In-Law
Wilma's single mother decides to move in with the Flintstones. Fred introduces her to a rich Texan, hoping that the two will get married and that his mother-in-law will move out.
27 The Mailman Cometh
Fred decide to let his boss know his true feelings for him in a letter after he does not get a raise.
28 The Rock Vegas Caper
Fred, Wilma and the Rubbles travel to a desert gambling resort where Fred expects big winnings.
29 Divided We Sail
When Barney substitutes for Fred on TV game show and wins a prize, he and Fred squabble over ownership of the gift.
30 Kleptomaniac Caper
Ignorant of Wilma's donation to a rummage sale, Fred calls the police when he discovers his closet ransacked.
31 Latin Lover
After Wilma sees Latin lover Roberto Rockelini on TV, she decides to re-create Fred in the dashing actor's image.
32 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
While umpiring for Bedrock's Little League team, Fred is discovered by a big league scout.

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Join the fun in the town of Bedrock with the this fabulously famous modern Stone-Age family. Living in prehistoric times has its drawbacks, but the Flintstones and their neighbors survive in style.

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749 reviews
joe Williams
July 29, 2019
dont matter if these old cartoons have any glitches or any other problems,look at the 1930's films and cartoons all have some type kind of problems but we all can see and hear the films. So watch these new cartoons.The film producer is lame cartoons are lame and garbage. Old cartoons & movies nobody will ever make those type again.
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Diane Pangburn
August 1, 2022
So glad to find this show. I grew up with it, and the memory of enjoying it week after week is still strong in my mind. Nice to get a non disk version. I will surely enjoy watching this great and very funny show again, especially without gremlins or skips.
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Vanessa Borges
April 14, 2018
watching cartoons like these from my childhood brings alot of good memories and it might seem strange that by watching and hearing my favorite show from hanna-barbera made me feel more american than i already am. maybe the reason why is because i like it in it's original language .
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