Ground Floor
Season 1

Season 1

1. Pilot

Nov 14, 2013
In the series premiere of this workplace comedy, Brody, a promising young "top floor" money manager, falls for the fun, charming and down-to-earth "ground floor" Jenny, bringing together two very different groups of people — and raising the ire of one very disapproving boss.

2. Off to the Races

Nov 14, 2013
Despite Mansfield's warnings, Brody tries to turn his fling with Jenny into something more by going on a date; but to his surprise, Jenny wants to keep things casual. Meanwhile, the downstairs gang gets fast and furious in a chair race gone wrong when they destroy Mansfield's irreplaceable office chair.

3. The New Office

Nov 21, 2013
When a new office opens up on the top floor, Brody will do what it takes to beat out Threepeat to get it. Jenny doesn't like this competitive streak in Brody, who then gives the downstairs crew something worth fighting over to prove everybody gets competitive. Meanwhile, Harvard is thrilled to have a new female admirer ... until he discovers his admirer is the daughter of the overprotective Mansfield. Now he has to end it before Mansfield finds out.

4. The Gift

Dec 5, 2013
Brody tries to buy the perfect gift for Jenny, but, as Mansfield says, "What do you get for the girl who has nothing?" Brody's extravagant gift turns the downstairs gang against him and makes Jenny feel uncomfortable instead of flattered. Meanwhile, Threepeat overextends himself to buy matching jet skis and is now desperate for a bonus he's not sure he's going to get.

5. Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Dec 12, 2013
When Jenny and Mansfield each invite Brody to the same baseball game, Brody has to make a choice: sit in the "nosebleed" seats with his girlfriend or in the luxury box with his mentor. He ends up making neither happy and has to put things right with a gesture that has the whole stadium watching. Meanwhile, Threepeat jockeys for position with Mansfield, and Harvard ends up out of his element in the wonderland that is the company luxury suite.

6. If I Were a Rich Man

Dec 19, 2013
Tired of watching Harvard, Derrick and Tori blow their money on lottery tickets, Jenny convinces them to invest with Brody. One white lie later, they are all convinced they're rich and would-be millionaires and Harvard decides to give Mansfield a piece of his mind. Meanwhile, Brody and Threepeat have to give bad news to some of the firm's temperamental clients, including a fiery JOHN McENROE (guest starring as himself).

7. Woman on Top

Dec 26, 2013
When Brody's hyper-competitive ex-girlfriend from business school, Heather (guest star ANNA CAMP -- Pitch Perfect, The Help, True Blood), comes back into the picture, Jenny's worried that Heather is a better match for Brody than she is. When they all take the stage for karaoke, the sparks begin to fly. Meanwhile, Mansfield realizes that his office has become a boys' club and decides to get in touch with his feminine side.

8. Dynamic Duo

Jan 2, 2014
When Mansfield's assistant calls in sick, Jenny steps up to fill in. But it turns out that Mansfield has been hiding the fact that he's sick too. Now Jenny has to treat the world's worst patient, and Brody must step up to take the biggest meeting of his life without Mansfield by his side. Downstairs, meanwhile, Harvard is left in charge, but the power goes to his head when he goes toe-to-toe with Threepeat and the upstairs crowd who are demanding new phones.

9. The Decision: Part One

Jan 9, 2014
When Jenny cashes in eight years of credit card points for a trip to Paris without Brody, he's left wondering where he stands. The time has come for him to tell her exactly how he feels about her ... if Harvard will get out of his way long enough to do it. After lying on his resume, Threepeat has to learn fluent Mandarin in one day or face Mansfield's wrath. Meanwhile, Mansfield makes an announcement that could change everything.

10. The Decision: Part Two

Jan 16, 2014
Brody faces a difficult choice between the job he always wanted with Mansfield and the love he never expected with Jenny. So he tries to come up with a third option. Threepeat is forced to stay with Harvard after losing his apartment, but he soon discovers Harvard's place in a converted funeral home isn't technically zoned for the living.


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