Preachers of LA
Season 1

Season 1

1. Comeback

Oct 9, 2013
After a painfully public divorce that caused him to leave church, Minister Deitrick Haddon organizes a Gospel concert to embark on a comeback. Bishop Gibson hosts a fun "mancave" for the preachers, but conflict arises when they debate scripture.

2. Acceptance

Oct 16, 2013
Bishop Gibson and First Lady LaVette invite Deitrick and fiancée Dominique to dinner to question them on whether they are marrying for the right reasons. Pastor Jay Haizlip seeks divine wisdom in dealing with a transgender former church member.

3. Tea & Sympathy

Oct 23, 2013
First Lady Cheney decides to throw an exclusive "First Ladies Tea" for a group of high-profile preacher's wives, but when she invites Noel Jones' "special friend" Loretta, the ladies quickly forget their polite tea manners.

4. Family First

Oct 30, 2013
Bishop Gibson attempts to rescue his drug-addicted sister from a crack house, while Bishop McClendon's family have a terrifying security scare. Deitrick and Dominique try to find a way to be together before their wedding, while staying true to God.

5. Perspective & Priorities

Nov 6, 2013
Bishop Jones tries to come to terms with his commitment issues, while Deitrick must choose between preaching and his music career. Pastor Chaney butts heads with the church council over making his wife Myesha the executive pastor of the church.

6. Staying True To You

Nov 13, 2013
Bishop Gibson must decide whether or not to heed the advice of others and lose his gangster mentality in order to ascend the ranks of his denomination, while Pastor Haizlip proves his body ink allows him to reach a totally new brand of convert.

7. Mending Hearts

Nov 20, 2013
Deitrick's parents come to visit and all the issues of his past resurface. Bishop Jones gets unsettling news about his health, while the Chaneys try to keep their marriage intact in the face of potential disaster at their Gospel Fest celebration.

8. Love Unites

Nov 27, 2013
Things get intense for Deitrick and Dominique in the days leading up to their wedding. Deitrick's secrecy has adverse effects on his relationships, threatening to widen the Haddon Family rift on wedding day.


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