Ultimate Survival Alaska
Season 2

Season 2

1. Arctic Battleground

Dec 15, 2013
The Endurance team has a leg up as the squads race 30 miles across a menacing glacier, plunge down a 2,000-foot gully and battle 15 miles of whitewater rapids to the extraction point in Berners Bay.

2. Savage Beasts

Dec 22, 2013
And the teams are off to Chichagof Island, home to more brown bears per square mile than any other place on earth, but while the Endurance team heads for higher ground, the Moutaineers head right for trouble when their boat capsizes in rough waters.

3. Over the Falls

Dec 29, 2013
Mission: Bushwhack through 45mi. of dense forest at Tongass National Forest, plunge down 70’ waterfalls and battle the violent waters at Steven’s Passage. Eager to lead, the Endurance team takes a shortcut, quickly learning that it comes at a cost.

4. Climb From Hell

Jan 5, 2014
The 30mi. trek up and over the snow-covered Tordrillo Mountains proves difficult for all teams. While the Mountaineers rely on their rock-climbing skills, the Military team keeps to lower heights, ultimately staring a huge canyon square in the face.

5. River of Fury

Jan 12, 2014
The teams will navigate 50mi. of raging rivers, battle a lethal stretch of whitewater rapids known as Hell’s Gate, and bushwhack through thick brush to reach the extraction point.

6. Hell Hole

Jan 19, 2014
In a race to the extraction point 30 miles away, each team is caught off guard by treacherous deterrents. Whether it is an 80’ climb up a wall of ice, or a 200’ rappel, the teams must surmount these deadly obstacles to avoid elimination.

7. Vice Grip

Jan 26, 2014
The teams cross a steep ridge to the crumbling Strandline Canyon, then trek 40 miles to the landing zone. On the way, two teams’ strategies land them knee-deep in quicksand, while the other team comes face-to-face with a furious river.

8. River of Doom

Feb 9, 2014
The teams battle dense alder thickets, cross a roaring creek and scale a 600’ rock fall. To get ahead, the Mountaineers’ hit Coal Creek first, despite the risky waters. As Tyler tries to cross, the raging rapids sweep him downstream and out of sight.

9. Bear Kingdom

Feb 16, 2014
The three remaining teams travel to Afognak Island—700 square miles of wilderness ruled by the supersized Kodiak brown bear. With only one win it’s do or die for the Endurance team—but as they fall far behind, this may be the end of their adventure.

10. Deep Dark Woods

Feb 23, 2014
Lucky for the teams, the tenth leg leads them to a lush temperate rainforest full of hunting opportunities. The Endurance Athletes aim to prove they're not out yet, but when trying to cross a challenging lake, Dallas slips into freezing water.

11. The Last Battle

Mar 2, 2014
On the final leg, the teams face their toughest challenge yet. The competitors harness up and charge across a crevasse-laden glacier, but with all three teams facing daunting obstacles, it's anyone's game going.

12. Fight to the Finish

Mar 9, 2014
It's a cutthroat battle to the top of Mt. Augustine—a 4,000’ active volcano in the open ocean. The teams race across 35 mi. of grueling white water rapids and unforgiving seas as the clock runs out. Who will be crowned the Ultimate Alaskan Survivors?


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