Google Play

Google Play for Education Addendum to the Developer Distribution Agreement

The requirements below apply to all applications offered in Google Play for Education in addition to the requirements of the Developer Distribution Agreement.

  1. Content requirements. In addition to the Content Policies contained in the Google Play Developer Program Policies, Developers must ensure that the content of each app, and any ads they contain, meet the following requirements:
    • You must identify any app:
      • containing advertising; or
      • offering in-app purchases of any type
      using the means specified in the developer console.
    • If apps contain ads, the ads must be clearly distinguishable from other app content. Other app content must not be used as means of promoting commercial products in a manner unrelated to the functions of the app.
    • If an app contains messaging functionality, or collects or uses the user’s geo-location, you must notify users of these functions clearly and prominently in the app description in addition to obtaining any user consents that are required under applicable law.
    • Apps and the ads they contain must not request users to input personal information or collect such information, except for the purpose of verifying the user’s entitlement to use the app.
    • Apps must not perform any of the following functions:
      • sending SMS messages;
      • making or monitoring phone calls;
      • tracking other apps or content installed on the user’s device;
      • collect or store geo-location data from the user’s device without consent or for purposes unrelated to the educational functioning of the app;
      • collect or store information to build profiles of the user for commercial purposes unrelated to the educational function of the app; or
      • add bookmarks, shortcuts or icons to the user’s device for for third party services, advertising or any function other than to provide access to the app.
    • Apps must not contain sexually suggestive content or portray violence.
    • Apps that permit messaging between users may have a medium (but no higher) maturity rating. All other apps must be of a maturity level that is suitable for use by everyone, as described in Google Play’s ratings guidelines.
  2. Transparency. Your app’s title and description must contain accurate information about the app’s content and functioning, and must not be misleading or deceptive. App descriptions should be designed to assist an educator to assess the app’s suitability for educational use.
  3. COPPA compliance. The laws of some countries, including the United States, impose restrictions on the online collection and use of information from children. You acknowledge that you are responsible for ensuring that each app that you include in Google Play for Education complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and all other applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Free trial period. You agree that any app participating in this program may be made available for download and use to educators and administrators within institutions for no charge for a trial period of up to 24 hours.
  5. Volume purchases. Each institution participating in this program may make purchase access rights to an app on behalf of a number of end users associated with the institution by paying the applicable charges for the access rights granted to each end user. App charges may be subject to discounts for volume purchases as set forth and agreed by you in the developer console from time to time.
  6. Payment for Premium Access. Developers offering, promoting or making available additional paid content, services or functionality for use within an app downloaded from Google Play for Education must make that content, services or functionality available for sale through Google Play for Education (where the relevant transaction type is available), and the exceptions to the requirement to use Google Play’s payment system for in-app purchases of digital content or goods noted in the Google Play Developer Program Policies shall not apply.
  7. Blocking of In-app Purchases. You acknowledge that Google or educational institutions may disable end users within the institution from making in-app purchases from any app participating in the program.
  8. Reassignment of apps. Once an institution has made a free or paid app available to a user through Google Play for Education, the institution may withdraw access from that user and assign it to another member of the institution any number of times without additional charge. After an institution reassigns an app to a new user, the user previously granted access to the app will no longer have access to the app through the user’s account. If you do not wish your app to be reassignable in this way, you should not make it available through Google Play for Education. You may withdraw your app from Google Play for Education at any time and future purchases of your app will not be reassignable. However, any copies of your app purchased while your app was part of Google Play for Education will continue to be reassignable, and are eligible for support and upgrades pursuant to the terms of the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement.