Games that inspire belonging for Pride

Games transcend boundaries, allowing us to explore worlds beyond the ordinary, embrace identities beyond the binary, and inspire belonging without limitation. This month for Pride, we're celebrating the LGBTQ+ community of gamers and the endless potential of games to bring people together across divides.

Pride games for everyone

We’re shining a light on some of our editors’ favorite games for Pride. These hand-curated picks not only embrace the spirit of Pride during June, but show up every day for the LGBTQ+ community with inclusive characters and storylines.
Highlights include:
  • TSM – Create Sims with fully customizable options for gender presentation and romantic preference
  • Pocket Love – Move in with the love of your life (of any gender) and design a cozy home
  • Life is Strange – Rewind time and rewrite destiny in an adventure game with great relationship representation
  • one night, hot springs – Navigate a series of choices as a trans woman visiting a hot spring to unlock multiple endings
  • Bossgame: The Boss is My Heart – Play as witch wives, Anna and Sophie, as you battle demons and search for belonging