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Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss -- Theodor Geisel to his wife and friends -- wrote stories that charmed children and parents alike for generations. Though many of his most popular works evinced a firm sense of right and wrong, he always put entertainment first, stating that "kids can see a moral coming a mile off." These are some of our favorite Seuss books, in app form -- read, share, enjoy.
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Dr. Seuss App Focus

The Cat in the Hat

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
A highly entertaining, fairly chaotic and infectiously cheerful romp that shows the absolute best way to spend a rainy day!

One Fish Two Fish

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
The story of a boy, a girl and the crazy assortment of animals they have for friends and pets. A great book for early readers.

The Lorax

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
A great book that teaches respect for nature and the environment in the most accessible and entertaining way possible!

Dr. Seuss's ABC

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
A whimsical and quirky children's book of letters covering the alphabet from A (Aunt Annie's Alligator) to Z (a Zizzer-Zasser-Zuzz)!

Green Eggs and Ham

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
A wonderful book that teaches an invaluable lesson: Trying new things can lead to pleasant surprises!

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
A wonderful book about the joys and challenges of life. Best line ever: "Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. (98¾% guaranteed.)"

Horton Hears a Who!

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
The values of standing up for your beliefs and protecting those who cannot protect themselves are at the core of this wonderful story.

The Sneetches

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
A wonderful collection of four short stories touching on acceptance, following your heart and the value of empathy.

If I Ran the Zoo

Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
This book has been called a tribute to a child's imagination, mostly due to the fact that the extraordinary creatures aren't real!