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Pure Android
The essence of app excellence is pure Android. Hand picked by the Android Developer Relations team that hosts "The App Clinic" and "Android Design in Action". Every week we look at a selection of apps and offer advice and feedback to help developers create an experience that delights their users. Developers who run the gauntlet and improve their apps based on our feedback are highlighted here in our collection of Pure Android apps. These apps represent examples that follow the Android design guidelines and coding best practices to create a great user experience that's uniquely Android. In order for each app to get the attention it deserves, we'll be keeping the collection small and adding new apps slowly, so remember to check back for more Pure Android apps in the coming weeks.
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Pure Android App Focus


Lucas Rocha
A beautifully designed app that offers access to a collection of wallpaper patterns. Including tablet support and features like automatic wallpaper switching, sharing, and Android Beam.


Team Tasks
A clean and responsive Ice Cream Sandwich design, compatible with Android 2.2+, and optimized for any device shape or size makes Tasks the ultimate cloud-synced task list experience.