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Gaming Gifts
We've decided to give you some great gaming gifts for Google Play's 1st birthday! Each of these games has some custom content to get you into the celebratory spirit - something unique to Google Play. You can soar through the skies as the iconic Android or enjoy some birthday cake that grants a special surprise in a fanciful role-playing game. Investigate mysterious visitors from beyond the stars, stand by your sorority sisters or go all-out building in an interactive sandbox. Explore, get some great deals and gifts and help us celebrate by having a blast. Get your gifts and get gaming.
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Gaming Gifts

Clouds & Sheep

Join the sheep in celebrating the birthday of Google Play with new Android loot. Watch the skies and win a prize if you're fast enough.

Royal Revolt

Celebrate the fun with a custom birthday-wish themed map, a unique item and 50% savings on in-game goodies, exclusive to Google Play.

Dragon Story

TeamLava Games
Take a break from your regularly scheduled dragon-wrangling and complete a special birthday quest to get a surprise reward!

The Sims FreePlay

Electronic Arts Inc
Indulge your sweet tooth and join the fun with cool exclusive Google Play birthday items.


Kiwi, Inc.
Build a waterside paradise and enhance your gaming experience with a special Google Play birthday-themed quest.

Zenonia 5

Get the birthday item for double experience awards for a limited time, and make sure to get your birthday cake in town for a special gift.

Campus LIfe

Pocket Gems
Help Audrey have the best birthday ever and unlock custom
Android costumes. Win the Android decoration for your sorority.

Tiny Castle

Your wizard saw a creature crash from the sky. Unravel the mystery of this strange visitor that repeats just one world: "Google".

The Sandbox

Builders rejoice - enjoy a custom new level to celebrate Google Play's birthday.

Yumby Smash

Get into the birthday spirit in a big way - select the iconic Android as a playable character and get in on the fun.

Monster Pet Shop

Beeline Interactive, Inc.
Beautify all of your habitats with a free Android decorative item and make your monsters happy.