The HinterLands: Mining Game

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About this game

The HinterLands is a multiplayer Indie sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements.

You arrive in The HinterLands with just a few tools and torches. To survive you must build a house, and hunt for materials to craft new items.
Mine the terrain for resources, build great structures, harvest plants, trees and mobs, the choice is yours!
Play cooperative or competitive multiplayer with friends or random players!

The HinterLands is a work in progress, and will continue to grow, expand and evolve over time. Your feedback and suggestion will help shape the game, and you can participate in the development of the game.

• Multiplayer, featuring player vs player combat, and cooperative exploration and building
• Parkour style movement- run up walls, do flips, climb over ledges, run and slide under things, wall kick/jump between walls
• Fight with fast combos, slow strong attacks, and block incoming enemy attacks.
• Take no damage, and unlimited blocks in creative mode
• Free content upgrades

★Mine, Craft, Fight and Build!★
• Mine procedurally generated, unique worlds, with randomly generated terrain, and dynamic day/ night cycles
• Craft tons of blocks and items, and use them to build!
• Farm mobs, or destroy them for food to satisfy your hunger
• Harvest trees and plants for food, potions, or seeds to replant and grow your own forests

The HinterLands is an indie sandbox game, built with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer.
• Play multiplayer on the free public servers and play with tons of people, wifi/LAN, or bluetooth!
• Dance with people, or join a team color using chat

★Why Play?★
• Play with other people: create amazing structures, or just battle it out with swords, crossbows and guns.
• Help shape the development of the game, add ideas, and watch the game evolve.
• Explore the world, and see new content added to the game, and like to provide feedback on what you like/ don’t like.

The HinterLands was the FIRST (early 2013) multiplayer 2d mining game on Google Play, and was released early in alpha to encourage people to contribute to development, since there was nothing similar on the market. Since then it has grown a ton, and keeps growing thanks to player feedback!

★Features Coming Soon★
• NPC’s: Characters to give you quests, buy and trade items, marry and start a family with!
• More advanced item, armor and weapon crafting system
• Bosses, more mobs, and more biomes

★Planned features★
• Player vs. Player: Free for all, capture the flag, team oriented with different classes, tower defense with creeps and towers
• Pets: Animals to join you on quests and in combat (and mounts!)
• Craftable vehicles, space travel, permanent worlds on servers

• Customize and create your player and world
• Play on a public server, Google Play, wifi, bluetooth, or single player game
• Mine dirt, stone, ect with the pickaxe. Chop trees and items with the axe.
• Use the fast attack button to combo attacks, or the strong attack for higher damage. Use the shield to become invincible
• Build amazing structures, upgrade your tools, and share on our facebook page!
• More instructions on the wiki:

★ FREE VERSION: The free version is supported with ads, but you can SAVE YOUR WORLD, progress, characters, almost everything.
If you buy the paid version, you get a BACKERS REWARD that you can use to teleport to and from your spawn point, and a much larger inventory, (as well as help support development)

Join the forums:

★ Take the poll and let me know what you want changed in the game:

Please leave a 5 star review, and let us know what you would like to see added first to the game

★★NOTE: if you leave a review, be specific on what you like/ don't like so that I can improve it, otherwise your review isn't useful.★★
Updated on
Jul 27, 2020

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40.4K reviews
Cecilia Felix
November 12, 2020
The nostalgia coming back to this 3 years later feels great. A few problems I had were... Lower the prize for watching an ad, someone could watch 10 ads and have a sword better than diamond, and wings before they even upgrade a tool, and in the settings there is a setting called lighting off, this defeats the purpose of torches, but it's helpful to see ores and diamonds. Other than that this game is still amazing 3 years later, even without multiplayer.
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November 20, 2020
Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'm still trying to do a new version, but progress is slow. I put back up the servers, but the hard drive is failing/ need to reinstall the OS. Thanks!
A Google user
August 17, 2019
So i believe it's a good game but we need more powerful monsters and the end-game swords like the ones from shop or the diamond sword need balance maybe add more armor for them. Overall it's great. Edit: Since you responded to my review I'm glad that you still plan on remaking the game in unity. Sadly I'm a C++ programmer and certainly not the best out there and I don't use unity. I plan to learn it so maybe i could help out. Best regards!
4 people found this review helpful
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January 23, 2019
Hey, thanks for the feedback! I was in the process of updating the ackmi website to look more modern, but kept having stuff come up, so it's in limbo right now :/ I try to post on the FB page, but been working on a paint app (to make games with). Hoping to have the paint app make enough to survive, and redo the game in unity.
Torisk Ablinsky (Rubbery_Intestines)
August 14, 2021
Although forced adds are a thing, I understand you need the money to continue development. Although I find the forced adds annoying especially when it happens every time you exit and save a world. Kinda crazy but it's still good none the less even after the years I never played. Best luck to ya updating this to unity!
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What's new

Added in inMobi Ads, to see if they can help fund working on the game.
Added link to new game 'ArtClash'. Going to use that to create the new game.
Check out Facebook for updates on the new game. Recording tutorials for how it's made.