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Improve your Chess with next level analysis and focused training. Say goodbye to questions like “Why am I losing?” or “What should I be working on?” Let us guide you through the next stage in your chess improvement journey!

With our dedicated suite of detailed analytic tools that can connect with any of your favourite online chess platforms, like, Chess24 or Lichess, we can develop a unique Personalized Study Plan and targeted training options based on your own games. You can progress your chess faster than ever with Aimchess.

Connect your, Lichess or Chess24 account for instant analysis of your online games.
Get breakdowns on your performance in key areas such as Openings, Tactics, Endings, Advantage Capitalization, Resourcefulness and Time Management.
See how you compare to other Chess players in your range, to really understand what areas you need to improve on.
Opening Breakdowns. Find out which openings work for you, and where you need to put more work in.

Adaptive Tactics. Everyone loves Chess Puzzles! With Aimchess our Tactics Puzzles adapt to your strengths and weaknesses. Struggling with specific kinds of puzzles? We’ll show you them more often so you can make the most of your training time. Is one particular puzzle giving you difficulty? We’ll show it to you again a little later so you can prove that you’ve learned from your mistakes!
Blindfold Tactics. Are normal Tactics Puzzles too easy? Test your skills with our Blindfold Tactics, where you have to visualise and solve the position simultaneously!
Blunder Preventer. Given two possible moves, do you think you can spot the blunder? It’s not always as easy as you’d think!
360 Trainer. These aren’t your Grandfather’s Tactics Puzzles, instead these positions will really test your skills with offensive & defensive tactics, equal positions and mistakes from your past games. With no clear material gains available even the smallest positional advantage could be the right move!
Practice Visualisation. Memorize a board and then answer questions about where the pieces were, how many undefended pieces there were, or even what moves you need to make to capture certain pieces.
Checkmate Flash Cards. Run through a series of mates that all great Chess Players need to know, can you get them all right and beat your best time?
Much More. Also included in our Training Room is our Opening Improver, Advantage Capitalization Trainer, Endgames, Intuition Trainer, Retry Mistakes, Defender and Time Trainer.

Discover a world of tactical chess content, prepared by Grandmasters, in the Explore section of Aimchess. Learn everything from basic checkmates, to high level theoretical concepts. With interactive tutorials and exercises, you can make sure the ideas stick!
Warm Up for your games with a rapid fire puzzles gauntlet designed to get your chess brain working so you can hit the ground running against your opponents!
Dedicated workouts to help improve your Focus and Tactical thinking.
Personalized Training Plans help keep you on the right track with regular targets for games to be played and exercises to be completed.

Aimchess’ Free Tier allows you to do any 15 lessons per day in the Training Room or via the daily Personalized Workouts. You also get limited access to Scouting Reports and Statistics.
Aimchess Premium allows you access to unlimited exercises in the Training Room and full access to all of our Statistical Analysis tools.
Monthly Subscriptions are $7.99 per month, or get an Annual Subscription for $57.99 (Equivalent to $4.85 per month)
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416 отзывов
16 марта 2021 г.
Ужасное приложение! Купил подписку ничего не доступно, буквально ничего не доступно.Хотел проверить политику приватности и условия использования не работает, хотел отменить подписку также не работает
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Єгор Зимовець
25 января 2021 г.
Купил премиум, но не могу отключить хотя вы писали что отключить можно в любой момент. Исправьте и я поменяю оценку.
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8 сентября 2021 г.
Hello user, we deeply regret the inconvenience. Please write a mail to Send your registered email address and the payment method you used. Our support will guide you with the steps asap!
Sergey Grekhov
13 сентября 2021 г.
Приложение стало основным способом тренировки! Ребята, вы большие молодцы!
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