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This is a free Rohingya to English and Rohingya to Burmese dictionary. It is the first Rohingya dictionary that includes all the Rohingya scripts: Rohingya Hanifi, Rohingya Fonna (Arabic) and Rohingyalish (Latin). It was developed for the Rohingya people by an international team funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

π΄Šπ΄žπ΄π΄•π΄π΄Œπ΄ž π΄€π΄žπ΄π΄ π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄π΄ƒπ΄§π΄Ÿ π΄€π΄žπ΄šπ΄’π΄žπ΄Œπ΄π΄Žπ΄ž π΄€π΄π΄Œ π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄’π΄™π΄π΄ƒπ΄§π΄Ÿ π΄π΄‘π΄Œπ΄”π΄žπ΄π΄’ π΄“π΄‘π΄˜ π΄ƒπ΄‘π΄˜π΄§π΄π΄Œ π΄’π΄‘π΄Œπ΄π΄’π΄žπ΄˜π΄ π΄Šπ΄  π΄€π΄Ÿπ΄’π΄§π΄–π΄π΄€ 𐴔𐴝𐴕𐴝 π΄Šπ΄žπ΄π΄•π΄π΄Œπ΄žΨŒ π΄€π΄žπ΄π΄ π΄‰π΄‘π΄™π΄“π΄π΄Œ 𐴐𐴟𐴌𐴟 π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ π΄Šπ΄žπ΄π΄•π΄π΄Œπ΄ž 𐴎𐴠 π΄Šπ΄žπ΄π΄•π΄π΄Œπ΄žπ΄ƒπ΄’ π΄”π΄π΄Žπ΄  π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ 𐴉𐴑𐴕𐴧𐴝 π΄ƒπ΄žπ΄•π΄žπ΄₯ 𐴋𐴑𐴙𐴓𐴧𐴝 𐴀𐴝𐴏𐴠 ( π΄Œπ΄‘π΄‡π΄π΄£π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄π΄“π΄žπ΄π΄’ΨŒ π΄Œπ΄‘π΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ π΄‡π΄π΄•π΄žπ΄‰π΄ž π΄€π΄ π΄Šπ΄§π΄  π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ 𐴉𐴑𐴕𐴧𐴝)، π΄Šπ΄žπ΄π΄•π΄π΄Œπ΄ž π΄€π΄žπ΄π΄ π΄€π΄π΄˜π΄€π΄‘π΄€π΄ π΄” π΄€π΄‘π΄Œ π΄ƒπ΄‘π΄Œπ΄‰π΄‘π΄ƒπ΄§π΄Ÿ π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄π΄“π΄§π΄ π΄ƒπ΄‘π΄˜π΄§π΄π΄Œ π΄’π΄‘π΄Œπ΄ π΄’π΄žπ΄˜π΄ ΨŒ

Ψ―ΩΨ΄Ϋ‘Ω†ΩŽΨ±Ω اِبَ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ψͺُّ اِڠۑگِرَزِ اَرۑ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ψͺُّ بࣀرۑمِسۑ Ω„ΰ£€ΩŠΫ‘ Ψͺࣀيَرۑ گࣀرَگِيࣦدࣦ Ψ§ΩΪ―ΩŽΰ’« Ω…ΩŽΩ†ΩŽ Ψ―ΩΨ΄Ϋ‘Ω†ΩŽΨ±ΩΫ” اِبَ Ωΰ£€ΩŠΫ‘Ω„ΩŽΨ±Ϋ‘ شُرُ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘ Ψ―ΩΨ΄Ϋ‘Ω†ΩŽΨ±Ω زࣦ Ψ―ΩΨ΄Ϋ‘Ω†ΩŽΨ±ΩΨͺΫ‘ Ω…ΩŽΨ²ΰ£¦ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘ Ω„ΰ£¦ΩƒΩŽΰ£ͺ Ψͺِنۑ Ψ―ΰ£€ΩŠΫ‘Ω„Ω‘ΩŽ اَسࣦ ( Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω„ΩΨ΄Ϋ‘ΨŒ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘ Ψ­ΩŽΩ†ΩΩΩ اࣦدّࣦ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘ Ωΰ£€Ω†Ω‘ΩŽ )Ϋ” Ψ―ΩΨ΄Ϋ‘Ω†ΩŽΨ±Ω اِبَ اَيۑاΰ£₯اࣦمۑ Ψ§ΰ£€Ψ±Ϋ‘ Ψͺΰ£€Ψ±Ϋ‘ فࣀΨͺُّ Ψ±ΩΩ‡ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω†Ϋ‘Ϊ―ΩŽΩŠΫ‘Ω„Ω‘ΩŽ Ψͺΰ£€ΩŠΩ‘ΩŽΨ±Ϋ‘ گࣀرَ Ϊ―ΩΩŠΰ£¦Ϋ”

- 3 different Rohingya scripts: Rohingyalish (Latin), Rohingya Hanifi, Rohingya Fonna (Arabic)
- 2 target languages: English (πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² US) and Burmese (πŸ‡²πŸ‡² Myanmar)
- English examples
- More than 500 illustrations
- Semantic domains
- Scientific names

π΄ˆπ΄Ÿπ΄¦π΄ƒπ΄ž 𐴀𐴑𐴑𐴧𐴑𐴓𐴒:
- π΄ƒπ΄žπ΄• 𐴋𐴑𐴙𐴓𐴧𐴝 π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ 𐴓𐴠𐴑𐴝𐴀 :π΄Œπ΄‘π΄‡π΄π΄£π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄π΄“π΄žπ΄π΄’ΨŒ π΄Œπ΄‘π΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ π΄‡π΄π΄•π΄žπ΄‰π΄ž π΄€π΄ π΄Šπ΄§π΄  π΄Œπ΄Ÿπ΄‡π΄π΄™π΄•π΄’π΄™π΄ 𐴉𐴑𐴕𐴧𐴝
- π΄Šπ΄Ÿπ΄€π΄˜ 𐴋𐴑𐴙𐴓𐴧𐴝 π΄Žπ΄Ÿπ΄π΄π΄• : π΄€π΄žπ΄šπ΄’π΄žπ΄Œπ΄π΄Žπ΄ž ( π΄€π΄π΄”π΄žπ΄Œπ΄žπ΄‘π΄) π΄€π΄ π΄Šπ΄§π΄  π΄π΄‘π΄Œπ΄”π΄žπ΄π΄’ ( 𐴔𐴠𐴔𐴝)
- π΄€π΄žπ΄šπ΄’π΄žπ΄Œπ΄π΄Žπ΄žπ΄ƒπ΄’ π΄”π΄π΄Žπ΄  π΄”π΄žπ΄π΄π΄¦π΄“π΄’ 𐴀𐴑𐴑𐴧𐴑𐴓𐴒
- 𐴡𐴰𐴰 π΄–π΄‘π΄Œπ΄  𐴏𐴝π΄₯𐴁𐴝 𐴀𐴑𐴑𐴧𐴑𐴓𐴒 𐴀𐴝𐴏𐴠
- 𐴖𐴝π΄₯π΄Œπ΄‹ 𐴀𐴑𐴑𐴧𐴑𐴓𐴒 π΄ˆπ΄‘π΄• π΄Žπ΄π΄ƒπ΄‘π΄Œ
-π΄π΄π΄›π΄π΄‘π΄Œ 𐴕𐴝𐴔 𐴀𐴑𐴑𐴧𐴑𐴓𐴒

حُΨͺِ Ψ§ΰ£€ΩƒΩ‘ΰ£€Ω„Ϋ‘:
- دُيۑ Ψ―ΰ£€ΩŠΫ‘Ω„Ω‘ΩŽ Ψ²ΩΨ¨ΩŽΩ†Ϋ‘: اِڠۑگِرَزِ( Ψ§ΩŽΩ…ΰ£¦Ψ±ΩΩƒΩŽ) اࣦدّࣦ بࣀرۑمِسۑ (Ω…ΰ£¦Ω…ΩŽ)
- اِڠۑگِرَزِΨͺΫ‘ Ω…ΩŽΨ²ΰ£¦ΰ£­ Ω…ΰ£¦Ψ³ΩŽΰ£¬Ω„Ϋ‘ Ψ§ΰ£€ΩƒΩ‘ΰ£€Ω„Ϋ‘
- فࣀΨͺِّ Ψ²ΩΨ¨ΩŽΩ†ΰ£€Ω„Ω‘ΩŽ اࣀدِيُ Ψ§ΰ£€ΩƒΩ‘ΰ£€Ω„Ϋ‘ اَسࣦ ( كࣦسُّ اࣀدِيُ فُΰ£ͺنِ Ψ¨ΰ£¦Ω„Ω‘ΩŽ Ψ§ΩΩ†Ϋ‘ΩΉΩŽΩ†ΰ£¦ΩΉΫ‘ كࣀنࣦكۑشࣦنۑ Ω„ΩŽΪ―ΩΨ¨ΰ£₯)
- Ϋ΅Ϋ°Ϋ° وࣀرࣦ سَΰ£ͺبَ Ψ§ΰ£€ΩƒΩ‘ΰ£€Ω„Ϋ‘ اَسࣦ
- وَΰ£ͺΨ±Ϋ‘Ψ―Ϋ‘ Ψ§ΰ£€ΩƒΩ‘ΰ£€Ω„Ϋ‘ Ψ­ΰ£€Ω†Ϋ‘ زَΨͺΰ£€Ψ±Ϋ‘
- Ψ³ΩŽΰ£¬Ω†ΩŠΫ‘Ψ³ΰ£€Ψ±Ϋ‘ Ω†ΩŽΩ…Ϋ‘ Ψ§ΰ£€ΩƒΩ‘ΰ£€Ω„Ϋ‘

⚠️To display Rohingya Hanifi script correctly your mobile needs to be on Android version 10 or higher.⚠️
Updated on
Feb 16, 2024

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