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Miniila is an app tailored to the needs of children in migration, with a focus on facilitating access to dedicated services in the area in which they find themselves. The app also provides child-friendly information on the existing support for children in the European Union, on how to reach safety and on relevant procedures, such as procedures for international protection and family reunification.

The services are available on a map depending on where children find themselves, and are categorized by types: “helpline”, “food”, “shelter”, “toilet/shower”, “family”, “health”, “education”, “clothing”, “faith”, “fun”, “asylum” and “guardians”. All services included in the App are from trusted NGOs and international organisations.

This app is available in several languages: English, French, Arabic, Farsi and Tigrinya. It’s also available in Belgium, Sweden, the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and Greece.
Features include:
- A list of services available nearby with a description and location on the map
- Information on children’s rights, on migration and asylum procedures, and on how to reach safety
- A map view of services and help nearby, shown by category and using color coded icons
- An avatar interaction that guides the user to targeted support based on their most current needs and feelings
- Translations in multiple languages
- Audio option for every text

The Miniila app is an initiative from Missing Children Europe.

Don’t worry - we are not going to give this information to anyone (not police, not asylum authorities, no one)! And we won’t tell anyone where you are. We just want to show you help closest to you and help you reach safety.
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